10 Signs You are Ready for an Online MBA


10 Signs You are Ready for an Online MBA


An online degree program is not for everyone. It requires a special skill set that not everyone can put into practice. Do you have what it takes? The answer is “yes” if …

You Can Stick to a Schedule

Creating a monthly calendar with times blocked out for study and assignments, and adhering to it without exception, is the path to scholastic success. Use the calendar on your phone or computer, or keep a poster-sized paper “month at a glance” on your desktop or wall to stay on top of assignments.

You’re Naturally Organized

If it’s just in your DNA to make to-do lists, jot down ideas as they occur to you, keep a notepad beside your bed, and rank tasks in the order of highest priority—you’re a natural for online learning.

You’re Self-Disciplined

Students who log in to classes and discussion forums every day are the most successful. It helps you stay on top of syllabus changes. If you have a hard time saying “no” to friends and family when they want to hang out with you or bend your ear for an hour, it’s time to brush up on your boundary-setting skills.

You Don’t Procrastinate

Never one to leave an assignment or task until the last minute, you do not work better with a due date breathing down your neck, unlike deadline junkies.

You Can Resist Online Temptations

Email, social media, and your favorite news and sports sites—if you can ignore them when you’ve got more important things to do, you’re ahead of the game.

You’re Willing to Ask for Help

Whether you’re falling behind in a class or unable to get all of your laundry done on Sunday, you have no trouble reaching out to your instructors or a family member for help.

You Maximize Spare Time

If a lunch date keeps you waiting alone at the table for 15 minutes, or your dentist is running a half hour behind, you seize every extra moment to study.

You Know How to Focus

Reducing distractions enhances your efficiency and accuracy. From absolute silence to certain kinds of music to getting into the study zone, knowing exactly what you need for maximum focus is key.

You’re Self-Motivated, Self-Directed

No one has to push you to get things done. You have a strong internal motivating system and take great pride in your accomplishments.

You’re accountable to yourself and rarely break your commitments.

You Value Freedom & Flexibility

If you’ve got a full-time job, a family, and extracurricular commitments that are important to you, earning your degree at your own pace using a schedule that works for you is the ultimate convenience.


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