3 best MBA programs you can avail in 2021


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Three best MBA programs in 2021

First question, what is an MBA? Master of Business Administration, also termed as an MBA, is an advancement in BBA’s technical, administrative, and leadership skills (Bachelors in Business Administration).

Today, MBA is considered as one of the most authentic and impactful higher degrees in terms of business studies across the globe. That’s why we have selected the top 3 MBA programs across the globe that you can avail of in 2021. Keeping in mind the current situation of the pandemic, the list is based on QS global ranking and program availability for the year 2021.


Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA

Situated in beautiful California, Stanford University is a global name with a reputation that most universities and IVY league competitors can dream about. The Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) was founded in 1925, making Stanford GSB one of the fundamental institutes for higher business studies in the country.

Crowned as the No 1 in QS global ranking for MBA, the Stanford GSB has the most prestigious faculty across the globe with three Noble Prize laureates, two John Bates Clark Award winners, and several members of the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences. With an average acceptance rate of 7.1%, Stanford GSB has undoubtedly the ability to select the finest of talent worldwide.


The Wharton School, MBA

With multiple campuses in both Philadelphia and California, The Warton School has undoubtedly made its mark in the field of higher business education across the world. The signature Warton full-time MBA is a 20-month program, featured with a 3.5-month summer internship. The main focus of The Wharton MBA is entrepreneurship and related skills.

Proudly residing at NO 2 in QS global ranking for MBA, The Warton School has an average of 18% acceptance with a 94% employment ratio, demonstrating the quality of education this school offers. Moreover, in terms of scholarships and international collaborations, The Wharton School is genuinely exceptional.


MIT Sloan School of Management

The prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management, situated in the beautiful Cambridge, USA, has a grace and significance of its own. Especially in the field of higher business studies. With two full-time MBA programs, the Sloan School of Management focuses on skills like planning and public policy, making Sloan’s MBA program quite exceptional.

Ranked at No 3 in QS global ranking for MBA, the Sloan School of Management holds the firmest numbers in full-time international students and employment ratio for graduates. On average, 41% of students enrolled in the degree are from international lineages and a 96% employment percentage, which is quite impressive. 



With all that being said and elaborated, it’s now your decision to choose what suits you the best. Across the globe, talent is what top universities demand with a wild dream of changing the world. Hold on to that dream, and you will be just fine along the way.


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