Age Limit To Apply For MBA


Last Updated on December 31, 2020 by MBA Gateway Team

Age Limit To Apply For MBA

In actuality, there is no age limit for MBA. All you need an undergraduate degree or something equivalent to it to get into an MBA. As always said,Learning has no age bar”. Many senior officials might be thinking that Are they too old to get an MBA degree? The answer will be not at all.

Firstly vanish all these thoughts and make one thing clear all that matters is your objective.  Generally, teenagers go for MBA in their early 20s with no corporate experience. But if you have crossed your 20s and have a desire to pursue an MBA then there will be definitely a good work experience with you.  In countries like America, people go for an MBA at the age of 28-30 after a work experience of about 4-5 years. It should be like this only. As you will do have some experience rather than just being fresher. As a fresher, you will just not be able to contribute to an MBA class in overseas B-schools, if you have not spent a sufficient amount of time understanding the nuances of corporate life by spending some years working in an organized environment.

Here is a story of a woman who was working in marketing but the company shifted and asked employees to look for new jobs. It provided her an opportunity to do what she wants to do. She wanted to go for a business strategy which made her go for an MBA after 11 years of field work.           

Age has no bar but if you are in your 40s and have a desire to go back to school and pursue an MBA. It is a tough one starting from scratch as a professional, in that case, you must know why is going back to school interesting or important to you?  One may find it odd in going back to school. It is not mandatory to go for a full-time MBA. You can choose alternatives too.

While going into a full-time MBA if you want to get an acceptance letter all you need is self-awareness. You should definitely know what you need? You can go for online MBA learning virtually without actually going back to school. Also, it will be absolutely convenient. Another option for which you can go is a part-time MBA. Similar to full-time one just with a change in timings.

Executive MBA popularly known as EMBA is specially designed for the older folks. Executive MBAs, which are part-time or modular programs catering towards mid-career professionals. Admissions directors at some business schools say that they often nudge older students towards these part-time alternatives.

In general, MBA programs are open to all candidates, but for students who are more mature and have more experience, we encourage them to do Executive MBAs because we think they would benefit more. If you want to do a full-time course, you would still have a great experience and it would still be a very beneficial program.

A harsh reality is that “There’s an expectation that the farther out you are from undergrad, the harder it is for you to transform the way a full-time student should transform,”


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