Antwerp Management School : A Short-Guide


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Information: Antwerp Management School is a dynamic, innovative and friendly organisation fueled by an empowered team. The faculty and staff do their utmost to provide an inspiring learning experience, by sharing state of the art knowledge and practical insights that really make a difference.

Their slogan is: ‘’ Opening minds to impact the world. ‘’

Antwerp Management school is accredited by AACSB and NVAO and that clearly demonstrates AMS permanent attention to quality education.

Their mission is to deliver state of the art management knowledge, anchored in a business and organizational context. The fundamental basis on which they put three value pillars that they believe are needed to become global citizen are: 

  • Self awareness, all the programs offer leadership and personal development skills.
  • Global perspective, intensified recruitment via deals with universities abroad.
  • Societal consciousness.

This school enters into partnerships with companies and organisations that strive towards excellence in their field. They look for synergies with their partners.

  • Prime Partners: Port of Antwerp / SDWORX / Universiteit Antwerpen / STAD ANTWERPEN.
  • Foundation Partners: KPMG / BASF / Randtad / ING / POM / SOUDAL

Antwerp Management school offers different programs. The master’s programs are practice oriented and offer interactive classes. Professors will provide you with a theoretical framework while guest lectures give you first-hand insights into everyday business. You will be working on real-life business cases and in company projects, so you can put theory into practice. 

Programs are, for the young potential: 

  • Master in Global Management (4) : * China Europe Business: this master will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills for mastering business operations in specifically in Asia and Europe. You will study in Belgium and Shanghai Start day on 05.09.22.  Language: English

                                                            *Global Management: this master provides recent graduates with the knowledge, social skills and right business attitude for an international career. Start date: 06.09.21. Language: English.

                                                             *Supply Chain Management:  this program is aimed at giving young professionals, with little or no experience, insight into global supply chains. 

Start date: 06.09.21. Language: English.

                                                           *Fashion Management: this is a unique program that is responding to challenges in the fashion industry from a variety of perspectives. Start date: 06.09.21. Language: English. 

  • Master in Management (2): * Innovation & Entrepreneurship: this curriculum prepares students for a future as a successful and innovative entrepreneur in their own start-up or an existing enterprise. Start date: 06.09.21. Language: English.

                                                                *Management: Many companies are looking for young and promising professionals who next to their master’s degree also have management knowledge and skills. Start date: 06.09.21. Language: English.

  • Master in Human Resources Management: An interest in organizations and the people who make-up an organisation? Participate in this master’s program and discover it’s uniqueness.  Start date: 06.09.21. Language: English.
  • Master in Finance: Obtain your degree Master in Finance and get a second degree Master of Science in Global Finance at Fordham Graduate School of Business, New York. Start date: 06.09.21. Language: English.
  • Master of Science in Maritime And Air transport Management:  a specialized master program in Maritime and Air transport Management. Start date: 06.09.21. Language: English.

For Professionals : -Masters (9) : * Executive Master in Enterprise It Architecture 

                                                           *  Executive Master in It governance & assurance 

                                                           *  Executive Master in IT Management

                                                           *  Executive Master in IT Risque & Cyber security Management

                                                           *  Executive Master in Public Management 

                                                           *  Executive Master in Real Estate Management, MRE

                                                           *  Executive MBA 

                                                           * Executive MBA Moscow

                                                           * Executive Phd program

ContactEmail: see above

                 Phone:+32 (0)3 265 47 58


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