Augsburg University MBA Program – Learning Objectives


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Recently, Augsburg University made public their MBA Program learning objectives, here it is;


Outcome 1: Leadership and Teamwork

Each graduate will use team building and high-performance management behaviors to lead a team task that results in effective team performance.

Outcome 2: Innovation and Problem-Solving

Given a complex business problem, each student will be able to identify, obtain and analyze relevant data acquired from internal and external sources to make recommendations for problem solutions.

 Outcome 3: Integrative and Strategic Perspective

Each graduate will integrate functional areas of business knowledge to generate a strategic business plan or analyze a comprehensive business case.

 Outcome 4: Global Perspective

Each student will analyze the global business factors impacting current business issues, and evaluate the effects of these factors on specific management situations.

Outcome 5: Communication

Each student will communicate a complex business issue in a coherent written statement and oral presentation.

MBA graduates will be able to demonstrate the ability to integrate organizational decision-making using quantitative and qualitative data and be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to apply an evidenced approach to decision making for business challenges.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to champion ethical, sustainable, and innovative business practices.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to leverage technology in order to take advantage of global business opportunities.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to communicate professionally verbally and in writing.


Direct Measurement of MBA Option Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

▪       Multiple direct methods are used to measure students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.  The direct measures are embedded in required courses.  Elective courses may also be used.  The direct measures include individual case analyses, projects, papers, exams, and exercises.

▪       Direct measurement assessment of MBA learning outcomes occurs during the semester designated in Table MBA 1Assessment is completed by students once a year using the General Field Test in MBA580 Management Consulting Project/Field Study.

▪       The MBA580 Field Study is the capstone in the MBA Curriculum. Students have an opportunity to synthesize and draw upon material and competencies gained through their courses and complete a group project for a client. The project may be a strategic plan, marketing project, or a business plan.  The project normally incorporates market research, development of a survey, competitive analysis, comprehensive marketing plan, financial analysis and approaches used in management and strategic plans.

o      The Field Study must demonstrate the ability of the students to use knowledge gained in the MBA program to improve an organizational decision process, marketing or a strategic plan. 

o      The Field Study must have an approved, detailed plan of action. The business professor must approve the detailed plan of the final deliverable and its plan of action.

o      The Field Study must include a well-written report and a PowerPoint presentation that provides a detailed description of the research, activities, and product/service. The research must include a review of existing literature on the topic. 

o      The final report and product must be presented to the client with the business professor as a witness.


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