Average Salary of MBA Graduates


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MBA Average Salary


MBA-Evergreen profession. Most of the students and professionals irrespective of their fields choose MBA for their Master’s. Leadership, personality development, career advancement are the reasons, on the top of all these applicants do see MBA as an investment. An increasing trend is seen in the salary of MBA graduates every year.

It is also true that we cannot say that each MBA graduate do get a good amount of salary. It do varies from a person to person. Skills, location, gender, experience are the factors that do play key role in the salary. Students tell us that the main reason they study for an MBA qualification is to increase their salary. Personal development, interpersonal skills and ethics matter to them, but students still expect a return on investment.

MBA Crisis

MBA students had a tougher ride after the financial crisis of 2008. Between 2008 and 2014, the average salary of MBA graduates three years after they left business school increased by just 4 per cent to $127,000. At the same time, the average cost of two-year MBAs increased by 44 per cent to $104,000.

MBA Upliftment

After the crisis MBA do uplifted again. Salaries do have since  rise to an average of $142,000 in 2017.This was upto 12% up then from 2014. And the good news is that data analysis from 2018 ranking indicates that salaries are still increasing. Average alumni salaries do increase yearly.

The record for highest salary increase is set by Chicago Booth’s Alumni which is 252%

Average salaries increased by $7000 in 2017, the largest increase in last 12years.

All the sectors apart from education, transport and logistics and law showed average increase in salaries.

Health care and industrial sector were showing a continuous upward trend, both up 10% to average about $143,000. But here is a downward curve in 2018.

On an overall ,if the latest trend continues the average salary should be near to $150,000 in 2018.

Another data analysis also showed that MBA graduates were able to double their salary within 3years of completing their degree upto year 2014.

The global average salary increase moved back above 100 percent again in 2017. Just over half of all ranked schools had salary increases greater than 100 per cent. In 2018, almost two-thirds of alumni cohorts more than doubled their salaries.


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