Can an Engineering Graduate Choose MBA in Finance?


Last Updated on January 6, 2021 by MBA Gateway Team

Can an Engineering Graduate Choose MBA in Finance?

Generally, students go for Post Graduation in their respective fields like and engineering students do prefer M.Tech or MS. Still, there are many who switch from technical to management, even some prepare for GMAT  and GRE for abroad study. MBA does essential to get onto the corporate ladder. Only B.Tech knowledge is good for technical jobs but to excel in the corporate world MBA is mandatory. Without an MBA you may not be able to grab higher positions. Even for start-up management is mandatory. Technical alone is not enough to achieve success. This is why many students choose and should go for MBA after their engineering.

It is a myth that students from an engineering background cannot opt for some branches like Finance for MBA. It is considered that engineering graduates will face difficulties to get into Finance as they are not from a commerce background and also will not be able to excel in it. It’s just a misconception. A student who has completed engineering can face any challenge and also do possess the capability to achieve it. Now students should open up their minds and widen their perspective and take it as a challenge to go for MBA in Finance. Why not? Until you haven’t tried then how can you say that it is tough, impossible or you can’t do it?

For a surprise when you will analyze the course you will find that it is a highly simple and promising one.

Mathematical and analytical skills will help in finance:

In general, during their graduation, engineering students gain good analytical and mathematical skills. These skills will be of great help to them in understanding subjects like economics and accounting with ease.

Wide job prospects:

When a student has both engineering and finance as his/her specialization, the employment opportunities will also be wider with positions like accounts manager, bank manager, marketing manager either in a manufacturing firm or an IT company. They can find many employment opportunities in many techno-functional fields, where their knowledge of finance will go hand in hand with technical skills.

After reading the above-mentioned points, engineering graduates might have gained confidence in pursuing finance specialization. But, the thing they should remember is that everything mentioned earlier depends a lot on where they want to be in the time span in the next 10-20 years. Everything depends on the individual aptitude of the students. For instance, if they are interested in marketing and want to stay away from accounts and mathematics, they can opt for marketing specialization during the MBA course. Even though they can get guidance from career experts, the final decision is going to be made by them and so they should conduct a complete analysis of their aptitude and areas of interest.


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