Choosing the Best MBA Program for You


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Choosing an MBA program is a hard thing to do. There are so many options as well as so many schools. How do you know the best program? It is important to consider what your goals are as well as if you can study on campus or remotely. There are many factors that are a part of your decision of which school to attend. Here are a few top schools recommended by some of the most prestigious publications in the world.

Forbes Recommendations:

  1. Wharton School: The most respected school in the USA according to Forbes is the Wharton School of Business. This program is two years, on-site, and offers a large degree of options in terms of focus and specialization. The acceptance rate is only 9%, that is because of the degree and the name. The average pre-MBA salary for a graduate is 82k while 5 years after, the average salary is 225k. There is a large net gain that an MBA from this program brings.
  2. Stanford School of Business: This is a full-time two-year program that will fundamentally transform what you understand about business. The program ensures that you learn the skills that you are going to need while expanding your current knowledge. The school is the ‘Ivy League Standard’ of schools in the tech and business world in the USA. A Stanford MBA will earn about 215k following their degree as opposed to their 92k rate prior. Some of the biggest influencers and thought leaders in the tech world have come through this program.

Bloomberg Recommendations:

  1. Harvard School of Business: The fact that Harvard is at the top of the list should be no surprise. One thing that may surprise you, however, is that the cost of attending is only 106,800, which is more affordable than many of the other schools. Harvard has been working over the past years to bring in more tech, more diversity, and change that is revolutionizing its program and its students.
  2. MIT Sloan: This is a full-time program that will challenge you to learn. This is a program that will challenge you and help you transform the future. According to the MIT stats, 97% of students who complete their MBA will graduate with full-time offers. From that percentage, the average salary is 135k right out the door. The cost for the MBA is 77,168 which will not be extremely painful for your wallet either.

Financial Times Recommendations:

  1. Kellog-Hkust Business School: The cost for this program is 106, 782. According to some resources, this is the number one program in the world. The program will net the average graduate with a 66% increase in salary and an average salary of 507, 492 USD. The tuition is all-inclusive and covers the cost of books which is separate in all the other programs. The tuition also covers the cost of a room of board. There are also many international locations so you can attend regardless of where you are from. Campuses include Hong Kong, China; Beijing, China; Miami, USA; Toronto, Canada; Chicago, USA; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Dusseldorf, Germany.
  2. Trium Global EMBA: One thing that is so unique about this school is that you get the benefit of three schools for the price of one. Trium, the Latin word for three is a combination of NYU Stern, LSE, and HEC Paris. The tuition does carry a heavy price tag at 185, 150 USD. The program has a more seasoned professional class. The average student is 40 and very continental. The average EMBA student has 16 years of experience as well as comes from one of 28 different countries. This is a great program for those looking for an international focus. The average salary is 342,970 for graduates as well.


The Economist Recommendations:

  1. Chicago Booth University: This is a full-time program that will help you to meet your goals in a revolutionary way. The cost of the degree is very affordable at 72,000 USD and the tuition includes something completely revolutionary, health insurance. You will have the freedom to explore your questions and your academic success with faculty supporting you every step of the way.
  2. UCLA Anderson School of Business: The Anderson School is a full-time two-year MBA program. It is known for churning out some of the most reputable names in the business to large corporations like Google and Goldman Sachs. The program is 97,110 USD but offers a huge alumni network to help support and assist following graduation.

IVY EXEC Recommendations:

  1. The INSEAD Global Executive MBA: This is one of the best schools out there for consulting. Over 40% of the students who have an MBA from Insead will find a job in consulting upon graduation. The tuition is 130,000 for the program and it is two years to complete.
  2. London Business School Executive MBA: This program is truly revolutionary in concept. Instead of having to attend classes daily, you have the option to attend classes on opposite weekends on Friday and Saturday. The program is also quite affordable compared to some of the other options at 114,000 USD.  The campus is in London, UK.

These are some of the best options for graduate schools all over the world. Depending on your career needs, your goals, and your field of study, it is important to do your homework. An MBA translates in many cases to an annual salary increase of about 125,000-200,000 per year depending on the region and the school. It is a serious decision to take on an MBA program, but it is one that will lead to more prosperity and success for professionals at every phase in their careers. If you are ready to take the next step, dedicate your time and your attention to choosing the right fit. There are many resources out there to guide you along your way and assist with your decision. Check out all the options and reach out to the schools with more questions.


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