Communication: A Must-Have Skill in Business World


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Communication: A Must-Have Skill in Business World

You might be wondering what extra or essential skill one must possess to be in the business world. This is a skill, without which you are nothing in the corporate sector. At a time if you lack in some of the qualities it is OK but if you lack in this particular skill, no way. It is none other than communication skills. Yes, you heard it right communication skills are the most and essential skill that an individual must possess or work on to be in the corporate world. Also, B-Schools should also pay stress on communication skills. The question might strike you Why communication skills are so important? Also why B-schools should also pay attention to it. Let’s figure it out

Communication is the cornerstone of civilization, separating humans from other species. Without the ability to express, people cannot convey their basic needs our deepest desires. Dreams can never be uttered and therefore can never become reality.

Certainly, no one can lead a squad into victory without solid communication skills. Yet, top business schools still struggle to find the best ways to teach this vital tool. This has consequences. Employers are sensing the lack of soft skills among new MBA graduates. Specifically, the interpersonal relationship and leadership skills, which include communication, were lacking compared to the importance employers placed upon them.

Business schools have to make improving communication skills among students a priority. Learn why the following is the right path.

  •         Learn to Listen

What people fail to realize is that more than half of proper communication requires being a good listener. In fact, relationship experts will tell you that learning to listen is vital to everything from being a successful teacher to keeping your marriage together.

Once you actually hear another person, you can begin to take his or her ideas and opinions into account. You can hash out any differences you have. Perhaps, best of all, you can put yourself in his or her shoes and get a sense of the experience of another.

  •         Boost Up the Spirits

The first step in creating a cohesive team is having everyone know his or her role in accomplishing certain goals. The next step is keeping everyone motivated, so together you eventually achieve success.

This is where communication becomes less technical and more artful. In essence, this is the hard part. And this is indeed where many teachers lose business students. They get numbers and logic and putting together words, so the team knows its chores but communicating emotion to motivate people is far more complicated.

  •         Improve Sales

Good communication skills usually translate into a better bottom line. After all, if you and your employees have the capacity to describe the product or service you’re selling and explain its worth to others, then you can convince them to buy it. Closing sales also requires relationship building and relationships are built on communication.

  •       To better handle crises

Many businesses suffer a crisis every now and then. The difference between surviving or dying during one is how you handle it. Good communication can help your business stay alive as you can act swiftly to share the appropriate words explaining the crisis both internally and to the public. You can also adeptly answer questions from journalists, government officials, consumers, and others.

Just imagine how much better things might be going for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the ongoing Facebook-Cambridge Analytica saga if he had better communication skills.

“The message for MBAs is clear: employers are looking for visionaries, not just functional managers who are able to keep things ticking along,” according to the report. Obviously, communication plays an important role in being a “visionary” because you have to articulate what you envision for the future.


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