Confessions Of an MBA Student


It is well said, “Life is too short to experience all the experiences of life by yourself”. What does it mean we cannot experience everything in such a short lifespan. All we can do is learn from other’s experiences. Let’s check out some of the confessions and see what we can learn from them or reveal some of the secrets.

Everyone in the world who is even remotely related to the education domain has an opinion on the MBA. Ask him and he will be ready to lecture you on the Pros and Cons of doing an MBA, life after MBA, or should you earn an MBA degree or not..etc.etc…

This creates confusion in the minds of MBA Aspirants who are always looking for accurate information on how an MBA degree is beneficial for them.

They all might not be CEOs or VP’s currently but their zeal to achieve success will definitely take them to the heights in the coming time. Here we begin with some of the stories and experiences.

First MBA story

Our very first story begins with a graduate in B.Tech.  Computer Science and was happy with his job in robotics. Soon he realized the need for managerial skills. Tech skills were not enough for him to be in a business which made him prepare for MBA entrance and enrolled himself in full-time MBA which touched all areas of business in the first year be it an HR, Operations, Marketing or Finance with the help of a lot of case studies that give a realistic view of the kind of issues that have cropped up in the past in the best of the companies and what measures were taken or should have been taken to overcome them. In the second year usually, the subject experts delve deep into the chosen areas to further polish their understanding of the subjects. Internships and live projects provide students with a platform to practically use their knowledge in the industry. And last but not least MBA teaches you that you realize your full potential only by working as a team and not as an individual no matter how bright you might be.

 Another Bonus

Here is another interesting story to have a look at. A fresher who hardly had any practical exposure. Studying through case methodology has changed my outlook to look at things from a broader perspective as well as getting into the nitty-gritty of the problems. He joined his family business and have applied a lot of things he learned during his MBA into his business. He has learned to add fresh ideas which helped my business in a big way. Was able to achieve 100 percent growth in my family business within a span of 3 years. Recently he has been awarded the “Young Achiever Award“ by Career Options Magazine.

Some of the untold truths disclosed by MBA alumni:

“Placements are a bloodbath sometimes. The year 2013 was one such year – 20% of the batch didn’t receive placements. However, in 2014 placements went very well. You never know how the market behaves. Be prepared for the consequences. MBA degree even from a top institute cannot guarantee an awesome placement, said by alumni.

Everybody has an idea. Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur,” says graduate. The idea to be an entrepreneur is not so novel anymore. Almost every MBA graduate wants to start their own new set-up. What really makes the difference is how innovative or successful is your idea

“The first day of college and our Academic Chairperson tells us that an MBA is like a commando training. Man, he was so right! The first year is crazy! If we don’t sail straight, the boat will sink forever,”

“There are so many surprise quizzes, that the surprise element ceases to exist. Every day, at 1.45 pm, we are informed about the surprise quiz. Be ready to slog it out to the extreme,”

MBA teaches you that you realize your full potential only by working as a team and not as an individual no matter how bright you might be.


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