Full Time / Part Time / Online / Executive – Which MBA Type is the Best?


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Which MBA Program Type is Good for You?

If you have to choose an MBA course then be carefree. There are enormous specializations that MBA offers. One can determine a course as per his suitability. While choosing a course just keep in mind your interest and motive. It sounds easy but it is not.

Having an extensive range of MBA program opportunities, no more than a Google search away is terrific, but the process of making the final choice can be daunting.

Let’s take a look at the various MBA program types or formats on offer. It is important to point out that the differences between one MBA program type and another are not always clearly delineated – there’s a lot of flexibility and overlap.

MBA Program Types:

  •         Full-Time MBA
  •         Part-Time MBA
  •         Online MBA
  •         EMBA

Full-Time MBA:

A full-time MBA is like normal regular classes. In full-time professionals need to leave their job for 10-24 months depending on the course duration. In it, student has to attend classes regularly. There are further subcategories of a full-time MBA.

  • Two-year MBA: A pretty common one and the longest duration one too. It offers tremendous opportunities to the students and also let them explore a lot more. Although candidates have less workplace experience.
  • One-year MBA: Similar to two-year MBA with a difference in duration. In it a student do study general MBA but do not specialise in any particular field. It is a good option for confident candidates enrolling slightly later in their career. It is an abstract form of two year MBA program.
  • Accelerated MBA: These are aimed at candidates who are confident in the functional core modules, and do not need to study them as rigorously.

Part-Time MBA:

Equivalent to full-time MBA. It is flexible in terms of duration, timings as well as financially. Part-time MBA allows you to work along with the studies. Usually, classes are in the evening or on weekends. Prefer an institution near your place as you have to attend classes and it will be convenient. It provides dual benefits one the work experience other managerial skills that you can implement while working.

Online MBA:

The world is being digitalized. Why MBA would be left behind. As the trend continues Online MBA is being quite popular. Learning a course from your preferred B-school and professors without actually being there. Just be at your place and what you want to. No need to leave your job or even your place. But reputable programs are usually not conducted entirely remotely, featuring an on-campus requirement.

EMBA –Executive MBA:

EMBA is quite popular among professionals especially senior ones who want to combine their work with higher study. This part-time degree is usually offered in a modular format, where students can attend classes over a set number of intermittent residential weeks, or over weekends and evenings. EMBA programs can be fast-tracked so that they are completed in as little as 18 months, or studied over a longer duration.


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