How To Prepare For MBA?

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Many students and professionals desire to be an MBA in different specializations whether it is marketing, finance, human resources or any other. MBA is a Master’s degree which makes an individual expert in a particular field and also enhances career growth. It is a very general question asked by fresher’s How To Prepare For MBA?

Why to do MBA?

Before indulging into MBA preparation it is necessary that you should know your own reason of doing so. There are many cases when candidate himself do not know what he wants and just prepare in the influence of others. It should be not so. Just make your mind and vision clear regarding your goals.

Steps to Prepare For MBA

There are various aspects one need to consider while preparing for MBA. MBA is not only about clearing an entrance and then just learn academics and earn a degree. While preparing for MBA along with the syllabus one need to groom himself from top to bottom.

The essential focus areas in which the students are tested are: –

Command over English language, i.e. expression, vocabulary, precision and grammar.

Logical and Reasoning ability- this requires basic knowledge of Math and Statistics, besides of course logical thinking in general.

Knowledge about the National and World affairs, specially the current ‘hot topics’

Leadership Qualities and Public Speaking skills, which are mainly tested through ‘Group Discussions’

While preparing we have to make ourselves ready for every particular test.

When to start?

There is no particular interval in which one has to begin preparation. Start as early as possible. More is the time more benefit you will get.


Start working on your language skills and the communication ability. For this you must read a standard National Daily Newspaper and a regular News Magazine on a daily basis, besides any other reading of your choice. This will also increase your awareness about the current affairs.

For correct vocabulary, spellings and grammatical usage, consult a standard Dictionary and note down what you have checked.

For better-spoken expression, watch a good T V news program conducted by a news anchor who speaks in an easy and accent free tone. This has to be done everyday (the same program).

If you are self-conscious, you can practice by reading the newspaper aloud in front of a mirror for 15 minutes everyday.

Commerce, non-medical and other students who have optional math in school and college MUST take the subject, no matter how difficult they find it to be. Others can start take private coaching from a very early stage.

 Entrance Exam:

 GMAT is the entrance exam that once has to clear with good score to get admission in management college. Now GRE marks are also being considered for MBA. Along with these quantitative exams one also need to excel TOEFL which proves that candidate has good command on English Language.

While Preparing for Entrance Exams do not get on the probability by assuming tremendous applicants and few seats for chances. Remember there are very less applicants who are serious in actual and really want to get high score in comparison to total number of applicants for exam.

Here are some key points for you:

  •         Check out the syllabus carefully and start preparing as soon as possible
  •         If possible do join a coaching for better guidance
  •         Prefer standard books for preparation
  •         Consistency is must
  •         Revise the syllabus thoroughly and a number of times. More you revise more you succeed
  •         Join some Mock test series. Prefer Online as it will prepare you for real exam

Extra Tips:

  •         Eat and sleep well
  •         Keep yourself away from all the unnecessary stuff
  •         Do not pressurise yourself by doing all the stuff in one single day
  •         Plan your day. Time Management is very important

Do follow these tips and always remember your motive of doing so. Don’t give up! Just remember why you need to achieve it.



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