Job Opportunities After MBA


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MBA is a popular and most preferred Master’s degree by students as well as professionals. One of the reasons which make an MBA dominating is the various opportunities it provides for career enhancement of an individual. There are various job opportunities waiting for an MBA graduate. Jobs in MBA is not stick to any particular field. It is such a versatile profession that one can find its place with right approach. In short without management no industry can stand, thus there is always a need of management graduates.

Banking & Finance:

This includes security & investment analysis and portfolio management. These jobs, available with banks, security firms, insurance companies, and various financial organizations, require a professional to make right choices about investments. Related job profiles are in Corporate Treasury, Business Operations and Credit Analysis.


Management Consultant

A management consultant’s job is to advise companies on their management practices and identify problems within the organization that may be holding the company back from reaching their goals. Many management consultants are self-employed, while others work for large firms. According to the Institute of Management Consultants, about 27% of consultants are self-employed.


Information System Management:

This requires a more technology-focused candidate, day someone with an MBA in Information Systems. Such candidates identify fresh and up-to-date technologies to serve an organization better. They provide a thorough cost analysis for use of the right technology while working with financial and managerial departments.


Marketing Manager

Marketing managers oversee the planning and execution of a multifaceted marketing plan to help their companies grow. They set budgets, plan marketing campaigns, and manage staff on the marketing team to conduct market research, launch marketing campaigns, and analyze the data collected from each campaign to make improvements. Their goal is to create more brand awareness and bring in sales. Marketing managers must be knowledgeable about many different types of marketing approaches and also be skilled at leading a diverse team.


Operations Manager

An operations manager is sort of a company’s jack-of-all-trades. He or she oversees daily operations, purchasing, inventory, coordination between departments, and policy creation. Responsibilities may also include hiring employees and negotiating contracts. However, this job will vary depending on the organization and expectations of the CEO.


Investment Banking:

 This is a job in demand. Companies that hire for this role include SBI Capital Markets, Motilal Oswal & Bank of America Continuum among many others. The right candidate functions as an underwriter. He/she has to connect investors to fund-needing organizations. The candidate must have the acumen to analyze what fits best for the client. They deal with acquisitions and mergers as well as clients. Other job profiles include those in Treasury, Securities and Investment Management.


Financial Advisor

Financial advisors cater to the individual rather than businesses, and play a key role in helping families plan for retirement, invest in their children’s education, and build individual wealth. A financial advisor looks out for their clients’ best interests by suggesting good investment opportunities and creating realistic long-term plans.



An MBA enhances your ability to be an entrepreneur. Be a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, choosing your career becomes easy with an MBA in your kitty. Now a days graduates are going for entrepreneurship rather than jobs which is showing an upward trend in terms of employment. One needs leadership skills and very sharp managerial skills.

What to choose?

It is your career and you should be the only one to decide your field of interest without influence of any one else. There a lot more career options rather than these. Consider the fields and positions work best with your skill set, and you’re sure to find great companies looking for a talented new graduate!


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