For MBA Success, Magic is to be Focused and Concentrated!


Last Updated on March 7, 2022 by MBA Gateway Team

Many would be reading this article while reading word magic. No , I am  not going to tell you some magic or spelling which will make you more focused or increase your concentration power. Magic is within you. It is only you who can create magic.

Most of students so search on How to remain focus? or How to increase concentration. You may find some brilliant tips which is temporary. It will not provide you a consistency. Question How to remain focused or increase concentration power arises when you are left with lots of work. Basically it’s a cycle. You are left with lots of work which makes you not to concentrate on a single one.

It’s like there are 4 different works you have to complete daily. If one of the work is left to be completed on any day than it adds on a burden for second day. Similarly this burden keeps on adding which results in an extra pressure in your mind and you just keep on wondering how much you have to complete rather than completing that work in real sense. And when you will try to do one work , your mind makes you think about other pending works too, which finally results in only stress and completion of not a single work.

To save yourself from this trap firstly keep yourself calm and plan your whole day. Make one thing clear that no matter how long it would take I have to complete my work of that very particular day as planned.

Also, set your priorities , also if possible try to wake up early and give precious gift to yourself i.e. your own time. It is only you who can make yourself motivated. It is easy to complaint but quite tough to work on. Once a habit is build than no more complaints will be there.  Just keep consistency in your work and other issues will get sorted for you.

One more complaint students make is that they do not get proper environment that they require to concentrate. It is not more than an excuse. If you are doing some work give all of your focus into that particular work at that very time. No matter what happens in your surroundings ,all you have to just keep your focus on your work. It is your work which is your priority at that very time. Someone enters your place or some other stuff keep on going it should not affect you even by an inch. All you should know what your work is and your mind should also think only about that work at that time. No other shit should occupy your mind.

If you are able to achieve all these, trust me you are going to ask again How to remain focused or increase concentration power. Don’t study or treat books as a work to be done. Make them your companion and study them in a fun way effortlessly.


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