MBA Eligibility


MBA a dream career of many undergraduates and also of few postgraduates. It is such a versatile profession that it offers guarantee success to an individual. There are various specializations that one can achieve through MBA. Before enrolling in the course of your preferences here is the answer to your question on MBA eligibility.

Basically we will check general eligibility which will be irrespective of any particular course and country. Also let’s discuss about entrance exams that can give you a place in your dream college.

MBA Requirements

MBA applications are evaluated by MBA Admissions Committee. Here is what they they look in the application of an aspirant.

Academic Requirements:

The first and foremost important criteria to be completed is the availability of a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline whether it is BTech or B.E., BCom or BSC, or even a medical bachelor’s degree with an aggregate 60% marks minimum.

Working Experience:

Most of the countries do demand a substantial exposure of the candidate in the real industry. They do expect technical work experience as well as managerial work experience from the candidate(leadership, coordination, planning) from the student.

It is not a compulsory criteria. There are some MBA schools willing to have exceptional applicants with no work experience. But it is rarest case when you seek to study in abroad.

MBA Entrance Exams:

Entrance Exams are conducted every year which makes you eligible for MBA. You can give these exams on completion of your Bachelor’s degree. Traditionally GRE score was considered for MS whereas GMAT score was considered for MBA.

Today, there is no such restriction as both GRE and GMAT score are considered for MBA.

Along with these exams there are also language proficiency exams.

Language Proficiency Exam:

English is globally spoken language.  Most of the Universities consider English as a tool of communication. Thus, many Universities do require a proof that applicant do know English well.

The two most popular Internationally recognized exams are TOEFL and IELTS.

Unlike GMAT or GRE these are not aptitude exams. For this English proficiency section you had to be interacting(speaking) with a human being. A good score do matter a lot to get admission.


MBA Application Requirements:         

MBA application is not a just one page form. Instead there will be shock for you. MBA applications are more time-consuming and vast than a job application. They do require more alertness and preparation. It do contain two sections:

General Section:

It is the easiest section which can be filled easily. You just need to fill your basic bio along with your academic grades and also aptitude and English proficiency scores.

Writing Section:

It is not so easy section. In this there are various questions are provided to you and you have to answer them all. It will be related to your work experience, MBA goals and strategies. You need to know how write MBA essays.


Recommendations is important for your eligibility. Generally, applicants ignore this important aspect. Every B school has its own recommendation procedure. Many adcoms are interested in professional recommendations from your managers and supervisors. This let them know how well you were in your work.

Do consider it and have at least 2-3 recommendations with you.

These all were the essential MBA eligibility points that an MBA aspirant should be aware of. Do consider them all. Hope it was useful for you and helped you.


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