MBA Internships


No matter where you are from, which stream internship is always, the most important part of your studying period. It is the period which provides you an exposure and familiarity with the real world(actual working industry). Students might avoid or skip their internships, which will be a biggest mistake which one will realize when the day will come.  Imagine, how the feeling will be working as intern for your dream job. Who don’t want to grab it? I guess with both hands.

MBA internship! What is it? What work we have to do in internship? Is it worth it? What will be its benefits? So many questions raised. All answers will be provided to you.


What is MBA Internship?

MBA internship is a break in barrier between student and actual industry. What is taught in classes is all theoretical. There is no practical knowledge or exposure. Most of the times we are forced to accept the things the way they are taught, as we students are not been given any practical knowledge or experience. These internships play key role in providing real working environment and making an individual familiar which actual corporate world which much more different from class lectures.

Duration Of Internship

Basically duration of internship is of 2-3 months. The actual duration depends on the pre-defined internship program and also for which company you are working. There are instances when MBA students complete multiple(small) internships in give time period.

Companies that offer MBA Internship

Many companies that recruit MBA graduates offer internships as well. These could be the top names in:

  •         Management consulting – McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte Consulting, Accenture
  •         Investment banking / Private equity – Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Blackstone
  •         Technology – Google, Amazon, IBM, Ebay,  Facebook, Microsoft, Intel
  •         FMCG – P&G, GE, Nike, Pepsi, Unilever

…and almost every other industry you can think of.

What work to do as Summer Intern?

It is a most asked question. Students do have a confusion regarding type of work.

Here are some examples of MBA internship projects and assignments:

Finance internship example: Microsoft recruits interns for the finance manager role to track and analyse business metrics, create financial models for evaluating investments.

Marketing internship example: P&G offered assistant brand manager internships to work on real branding projects, executing product launches and working on partnerships with creative teams.

Consulting internship example: McKinsey offers 8-12 week long internships in management consulting. You’ll get the opportunity to work on client projects and if you do a good job, they’d make a permanent offer.

How to get an internship?

  1.       You choose from the list of internship opportunities available through the careers team. Many of these tend to be pretty lame. For the interesting ones, there might be a competitive process among the interested students.
  2.       You may not see your dream company coming to campus to offer you the role that you want. In that case, you can reach out to companies that you’d like to work for and try to get a foot in the door.

One should also register to the internship oriented platforms which will provide a best and secure path to grab an internship. Make your CV ready and just apply.

Are summer internships graded?

Yes, they are. Its lot more fun. Sometimes MBA internship mentors are called in campus to give an evaluation of your performance. Apart from this, you may be expected to submit a report or a mini-thesis based on the work you did during the MBA internship period.


The internship itself is full of advantages. It brings out a highlight in your resume. A good performance during the internship can grab you a permanent job.

Recommendations from your seniors and managers are far much more.


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