MBA Interviews


No matter how good you are your work or how much experienced you. One moment for which almost everyone gets nervous is interview. It is a phase that makes your heart beat at its most speed, sensations flowing all through your body. a very normal and obvious feeling. For the professionals already from a job, interview would not be a new bird. For fresher’s it is new with lots of queries running in their head and little excitement.

The most important advice one could get is be yourself. Don’t try be something which you are not. Just be truthful with little diplomacy. Don’t be shy that employer might find you a under confident candidate. Also, don’t be or pretend to be a perfectionist which shows over confidence.  Just be a normal person with a chill out attitude. Don’t think about the result whether you will be selected or not. And don’t even worry for the consequences.

Biggest reason of getting nervous and not performing well is that we think of consequences on not getting selected. This  becomes a reason, of not performing well which you could. There are hundred’s of interview lined up. No matter if you do not get selected, it’s not last one. All matter is that atleast you have tried. Till you don’t get a job , think of all the previous ones as mock interview. Be chill out and go for job. Less stressed you will be more confident and energetic you will look.

Don’t be the one that if you will not clear a single interview your life will come to end. No.. not at all. Before this interview your family was surviving and also all the expenses were going well. If there is a delay of some more time life will not come to end. Just it was not your day. But when it will be your day everything will be fine and ball will be in your court.  

Basically, all the articles are on how to crack an interview or on tips for interview. If you are going for an interview than it means that definitely you are eligible for it . Just you need to slightly change your attitude and all the conditions will automatically be in your favor.


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