MBA Projects


Projects are the most essential element of your learning. It do consist of all the elements that one has learned in course. A project in your resume grabs the eyes of employer and definitely impresses him.

Why make MBA Projects?

Projects provide you a practical implementation of what you have learned so far. It provides confidence and helps you to get a better understanding.

Definitely projects will make you stand out from the crowd. With more projects, you make more grip you will be able to hold on to your learning.

How many projects to be made?

As many number of projects you can make. It completely depends upon your own calibre. You should make at least 3-4 projects while studying. Once you are completed go and find out new resources and keep this trend on.

Initially try to make the project alone. Once you succeed with 2-3 projects go and start working in team. At last what matters is the projects and projects.

Do not Buy?

Students do not even try to build a project. Don’t be so. Make your project on your own. you can take guidance but do not give all the responsibility to someone else and just become a payer. It is of no use to copy and paste someone else’s work.

It may help you in college but in long run it’s of no use. When you will make on your own you will research and do read a lot. Even you will be able to think differently and out of the box while working on your own. If you go for just pick and drop option then it will be of no use, it will just shut your brain completely.

Here are some of the topics on which you can work:

  •         The Impact of Green Packaging on Wine Consumption: An Analysis of the Swedish Market
  •         Analysis of sales promotion and advertising strategies
  •         The brand loyalty of the carbonated drinks
  •         A study on Employees Absenteeism
  •         E-Commerce international growth — Impact on Supply Chain Management
  •         An exploratory study of employee attitude towards monetary and non-monetary incentives
  •         Micro Finance MBA Project
  •         Role of joint ventures in Profitability Strategies
  •         Key Features of Social Networking Sites and many more


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