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MBA – a preferred choice of students and professionals aiming to gain post graduation degree, along with it advancing their career. There is assumption that MBA offers few streams like marketing, finance or human resource. It is a sad reality that students do not check the abundant choices that MBA offers to an aspirant. There are dozens of streams to pursue in MBA. The list is so vast that one might get confuse which course to prefer.

Here is an abstract list of the streams of MBA:

  •         International Business
  •         Supply Chain Management
  •         Marketing
  •         Operations Management
  •         Human resources
  •         Sports Management
  •         Biotechnology
  •         IT Management
  •         Tourism Management
  •         Business Analytics
  •         Oil and Gas Management
  •         Finance Management and many more…

One may wonder which course to choose as there are approx 81 courses available. Let’s look it with another perspective, availability of such tremendous courses is a benefit, one may choose a program which is most suitable as per his interest.

How to choose a MBA Program?

Choosing  a MBA is stream is not an easy job. There are various factors which one must consider before taking decision.

Why you want to study?

It is the very first question one must ask himself before taking admission. You must know your reason and should also be confident for MBA.

What you want to study?

One must have a clear vision regarding the job of interest. Before coming to any conclusion it is necessary to check out various courses and make up your mind. It is quite often that a student enrol in a program on the basis of popularity but has no interest in that stream. It’s better to think twice rather than get stuck in storm.

When to study?

There are various different timings of MBA offered. B Schools and Universities do offer part-time and full-time MBA.

Along with it students also have an option of 1 year or 2 year MBA. In 1 year MBA one studies generalised MBA whereas in 2 year MBA one will study specialised MBA.

Career Options

One may think that one option is better than other in terms of scope, demand, salary. It is a myth.

 Your stream may vary slightly than others. At end one need to understand that no stream is out of date. Every particular individual has its own job and demand. No one can replace someone else.

Let’s look at some of the MBA Programs

  •         International Business

It aims at students who are seeking careers in MNCs or students who are interested in the role organizations play in global issues.

  •         Marketing

One of the oldest MBA course. An MBA in marketing prepares MBAs for marketing careers by giving them an in-depth understanding of the concepts, tools and practices associated with modern marketing.

  •         Operations Management

An operations management MBA specialization looks at how products, services and supply chains are designed and managed. Operations manager are highly prestigious role and are very demanding these days.

  •         Supply Chain Management

A good option for mechanical graduates as you will learn more about the transportation systems and functions in moving products from one place to another. Supply Chain Management is a subset of operations management which focuses on the flow of goods or services.

  •         Telecom Management

Telecom Industry is a rapid growing industry. This branch teaches you various dynamic aspects of the industry and also provides training on various technical aspects of this field.

  •         Sports Management

A new concept in management. Its all about managing a club or team. One also do have responsibility of organising various events. One may have skills of marketing, public relations and other managerial skills.

  •         Hotel Management

One of the most growing industries. In coming era it will be a most demanding profession. Hotel management provides you a comprehensive idea on the hospitality industry.

  •         Accounting Management

This stream deals with the financial part. It is about planning and implementing financial measures.


At last, choice is yours. It is a matter of your whole life and career. Do choose your course as per your preferences and interest. It is highly important to love your work to be good in it.

Think twice and take decisions wisely.

All the BEST!


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