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Management courses are very popular among students which results in tremendous institutions providing management courses. Management is all about choices. Forget the tremendous options that MBA offers.  Master’s in Management provides you two vary pathways, you have decide one from it.

First choice is a degree program that is MBA stands for Management in Business Administration and second one is a diploma program that is PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. One may get confused while making a choice, in reality there is not much difference between two. There is a slight line between two which make them different. Basically MBA and PGDM are like cousins.  Most of the top management institutions do offer PGDM as a course.


Academic Focus

The main difference between the two is  that MBA is a degree program and its curriculum is very rigid, traditional and theoretical  , on the other side PGDM is a diploma but it  focuses on industry  demands. PGDM provides more exposure to real-life business situations.

However difference continues PGDM is always considered as a diploma at last where as MBA will always be a degree. You should have a clear vision regarding both.

Job Opportunities

for eligibility for job both MBA and PGDM are equivalent. There will be no effect on your career. both of the programs are equal and given same rating. Even there is no discrimination in Global Arena. At last all what matters is your skill and capability. If you have right qualities and you are good at your work no one can stop you.

Moment when MBA or PGDM do create a huge difference is when one want to go for higher studies.



MBA and PGDM do share some of the similarities:

  •         Both are 2 year program
  •         Both require GMAT score for admission
  •         Cost of both of the programs is quite same
  •         Equal opportunities are provided after completion


At  the end, your choice, from among the variety available, is really conditioned on your study goals – Do you want to pursue a higher degree after? Do you want to keep up with the industry demands and be better situated for the job market? Do you want to look into study abroad options? Do you want play it safe with your finances? etc.

Your final decision should weigh in your enquiry into your study goals, your research into your chosen programs and b-schools, and finally a peek into where the alumni are currently placed.


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