No More Excuses


No matter where you are from which background, culture, or profession. A student is a student, phases through which he pass remains almost the same. Many professionals choose MBA for post graduation. To get into a well known or say your preferred B-School is not an easy job. It doesn’t mean it is impossible. To get into a good college one needs a well score in MBA entrance examinations.

While preparing for all these examinations, initially many start with great dedication and passion. They spend their time in preparing effortlessly. As the days pass level of dedication and motivation starts dropping. You may get stressed and even leave your work completely. It is not a solution or it is? There are also many who complaint about lack of motivation ,concentration or resources. I may sound harsh but the truth is  that all you are making is excuses.

Like all I may say these are best 5 tips to remain motivated ,it’s all temporary. You will not find a permanent  solution as it is within you. Yes you heard it right! I will tell some points which you have to practice with yourself and have to find your answers. Let’s begin

The first and most important thing is make yourself clear, seriously you want to pursue it or it is just an influence of one or more friends or relatives. Once you are clear that there is no look back.

Now, secondly ask a question to yourself, Why I am doing this? What are my reasons of giving so much hardwork and dedication to a work? What will happen if I will not do my work?

Once you are ready with your answers than no further motivation session or quotes will be required. You will be clear with your reasons of doing MBA , these will be so solid that you will definitely do work effortlessly.

If still a bit of motivation is left then here is a story for you. Imagine that you are stuck in a desert. There is no water left with you and your throat is dried upto the mouth. You are in extreme need of water but there is no water for you. You are left with no energy to search water. Now what will you do? Drink your own urine . Yes you read it right. Why will you drink urine, reasons and circumstances were so solid that you have to do so to save your life.

Similarly is with your goals. Just find out your reasons to do work and than motivation will be in you. You will be knowing your circumstances and reasons to do that particular work and if you will not do so than you are the one who have to bear all the outcomes.

Apply this to your life and the results will be shown in some days. It is not a miracle. Just a side of your own hidden in you.


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