One Cannot Be A Corporate Leader in A Day


Here I want to clarify to you all that managerial skills are not acquired in a day. Also if one say that I have completed my MBA and now I am an expert in management. Is it so? No, not at all. Just completing a degree do not make you a pro. The degree is just a piece of paper which proves that yes you are eligible and have capability to perform well.

Managers or corporate world is not interested in your grades or the University from where you appeared. It is just a criteria to shortlist candidates. No one bothers if you are from a local college or from a well known school. At last all what matters is how efficient you are and can you be an asset for organisation or not. No one is going to pay to one just for fun.

Corporate World runs on common sense and  bit smartness. Bookish terms and languages look good in books only. Everyone wants practical knowledge , which cannot be achieved just being in classrooms. To be good at your work you must definitely need to flip your classrooms.

Go out explore the world, a lot more one can learn outside  the classroom. It is easy to discuss while sitting inside four walls but lot more tough to act in reality. Experience is the key which makes you capable and different from others. The more work experience you have the more you will be able to analyze situations and act upon it. No one wants to know your qualification, it’s just for self satisfaction. All a company requires is your knowledge and skills. If a full fledge MBA Topper is not able to handle company crisis or cannot guide his team then what is the use of that MBA topper to be there.

There are many who are good with their knowledge but cannot make any use of it, it’s also useless. To be corporate leader you need to be all-rounder. A person who knows how to make instant- decision, one who do not panic in crisis rather go for solutions. A good leader is always one who takes his team with him and also do motivates them and also be with them.

All these is a constant learning process. As one never knows all the aspects of life and cannot predict all the situations. Same is in corporate world, it  requires you to be accept new challenges and use your experiences, common sense and also your instinct to act upon it. No one wants a hard worker all what is needed is a smart worker. To be ready for corporate leader start from very early phase. Be a part of various projects, also you can be in extracurricular that can help you with a must qualities like leadership as well as soft skills. Try to implement what you learn and what you read as much as you can. As Actions are what matters at last. Without implementation of your idea or any decision one cannot say what outcome will come.


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