One-Year MBA : Is It Right for You?


Choosing the right MBA specialization is a difficult task; especially as a plethora of courses and specialisations are being offered by the universities and business schools around the world. A pragmatic and judicious decision of yours can easily propel your career to new heights of success. 

Offered by many reputed business schools around the globe; One-year MBA is becoming popular amongst MBA aspirants in every nation. Since this course offers similar perks of an MBA degree in a shorter span of time, professionals and students are favouring this course over general MBA, which take approximately 2 years to complete. 

Universities in various part of the world such as the US, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia offer one-year MBA program to the students. Before you go ahead with this program, it is very important to have a complete knowledge about the curriculum and the aspects of one-year MBA program.

As the time duration for the completion of MBA is just one year, the course is quite compact as well as rigorous in its design. Fairly speaking, the course is intense as compared to two-year MBA program as the same course will be completed in the half of the duration. 

Few factors that need to be considered before joining one-year MBA program-

Academic Background.

Since this program is intensive in approach, a candidate is expected to have a strong quantitative background. It is imperative for applicants to handle the intense coursework. A strong mathematical or economics background is essential for candidates.

Work Experience.

For one-year MBA, large emphasis is laid on being a pre-MBA professional. The nature of the coursework is such that there is very little time to select electives and compensate for the lack of, or little of, work experience. Fresher are almost never welcome in the 1-year MBA.

Career Aspects and goals.

One-year applicants are single minded about their career goals. This course is mainly intended for a specialisation, joining the program to improve their profile. The one-year program more likely boosts one’s career. Nowadays, many employers and companies sponsor their employees for the degree.

Internships and exposure.

If we discuss about internships, the one-year programme has no time for internships as compared to two-year program. The lack of internships takes the golden opportunity of exposure from the candidates.

After you have understood all the aspects related to one-year MBA program, a question must be emerging from you mind: Which one would be better?

The most obvious advantage of enrolling in one-year MBA program is its shorter time duration. If you are a working professional then there is no better option than this. Secondly, if you have a look on the market today, the demand of a freshers is less as compared to experienced working-class professionals. So, pursuing a one-year MBA offers you a win-win situation.

If we analyse the logistics part, this course has relatively lower fees structure as compared to the two-year MBA program. This will definitely have a lower load on your pocket and will make it easier for you to repay your education loan as soon as possible. 

We hope that all your queries and doubts have been solved. Now, the ball rests in your court. Sit, relax and analyse your skills and requirement. Make a pragmatic decision and you are ready for the corporate world. 


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