Online MBA Programs- Should You Consider or Not?


As the world is witnessing technological advancements, the opportunities have increased for the students. As the internet is opening up new aspects for the people, today, many students favour online education as compared to the conventional ones. There are many advantages with this mode of education but as we know that every coin has two sides, many cons associated with this program. 

Many universities and business schools are conducting their online MBA courses in accordance with the conventional courses they offer. 

If you are considering an MBA course, this article is indispensable for you.

Let’s understand the pros and cons of doing an online MBA program.

Days have gone past when online courses were stigmatised by the people and employers, but things have changed a lot today. Students and professionals around the world enrol for online programs. There are multitudinous advantages of doing these online programs, these include-

Distant education now not too far

With the advent of an online program, students all around the world are under a common roof. Distant universities are able to impart similar education to the students from far off regions. The students are not confined to the traditional classrooms. As a result, learning enhances a lot. In case of traditional classroom courses, students learn by doing case studies but in case of online MBA programs, they learn from true business settings. 

I can work while doing an MBA

An online curriculum offers amazing flexibility to the students as compared to the conventional classroom programs. In an online mode, students are able to manage classes and are able to enjoy the flexibilities according to their own individual schedules and needs.

Perceptions have changed dramatically

As stated above, these programs were a constant source of stigmas among the students. Situations have changed a lot. Today, a graduate though an online program demonstrates sought after familiarity with technology. This perception can be seen brewing in the corporate world.

Economically Favorable.

There are several monetary benefits associated with online MBA programs. The cost of doing an Online program is less as compared to the conventional MBA programs. This is the most lucrative aspect of doing an online MBA program. 

Now, if we come to the other aspect then there are a few problems too-

Less Connectivity and a Dearth of Experience.

In case of conventional MBA programmes, students gain experience and develop contacts, but in case of an online MBA program, it becomes quite difficult. The possibility of student collaboration becomes difficult in case of online program as compared to conventional program. Interactions matter a lot in case of an MBA program which the online programs fail to provide. 

Time may stretch

A conventional MBA program can be completed in a stipulated time period but in case of an online program, it may stretch if you have other commitments too. It is quite difficult to learn business in a short period of just one year. 

Therefore, it choice of the courses depends upon your requirement. We hope that your doubt has been cleared enough.


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