Post Graduation in MBA or Respective Field


One with graduation might think of post graduation. Now question arises whether he should go for MBA in his own respective field or in some other. Like a BTech student should go for either MTech or MS similarly a BCom graduate should go for MA as usual or something else by switching his field like MBA. 

It completely depends on your own personal preferences. If you go for your own field higher study than it will be completely technical. For example If an engineer goes for further engineering study then he will get only technical knowledge but if want to go for entrepreneurship then only technical knowledge can’t only make it work. Management will be a helping hand for them. So why not go for MBA. You already have your technical knowledge and management will be like icing on the cake.

An MBA ie Masters in Business Administration  undoubtedly makes for a starred item in the qualifications list .There are convincingly many reasons for the observation . . Despite the fact , any aspirant must pinpoint ” Why to go for an MBA ?” and ought to have a distinct outline of how the MBA degree helps one groom ones career and opens a world of opportunities loaded with  monetary plus   professional satiation.

As per several observations , there are  two types of MBA aspirants .For one , we have those who have just completed their graduation or are in their final years .Secondly we have those with some years of work experience targeting to reach their maximum potential in their professional life.

Apart from diplomatic and politically correct answers that are presented before Interview and Admission Committees , the underlying intent that moves most aspirants towards MBA is monetary ambitions or some sort of dissatisfaction with their current jobs. No doubt we manipulate words to shield this short term and limited perspective , we need to have a more value based and well-thought-out reasons to pursue an MBA.

An MBA is a major instrument to break Career Stagnation ,ie, a stage in one’s career when you have professional experience and substantial calibre to seek new verticals in one’s career but you find yourself undifferentiated in the herd of lesser professionals who came into their operational roles years after you .

MBA lends singularity to your credentials thereby satiating your craving to have a recognition in proportion to your experience.

MBA equips one with the ability to change career tracks smoothly . One acquires a window to withdraw from current profession and switch to another role or even another industry which would be virtually impossible with your current education ,role or experience.

MBA is an eminent source of innovative ways and ideas towards enriching one’s knowledge . It trains an individual into an expert in the stream he wants to specialise in by dint of various programs like case studies , presentations project studies and research papers .The interaction and intellectual debates with the professors and peers are extremely enriching.


An MBA from a B-school of high repute serves as backbone to ones network .It means you will always be identified as a part of high achievers .An MBA from a reputed business school gives you the opportunity to network with smart talented people who will hold top strategic positions in major companies or will be strong business leaders one day .

An MBA  is therefore certainly a feather in your cap . But an MBA from a top B school is an even brightly colored feather !  It imparts a brand value and serves as a guarantee to recruiters that you are competent to become a successful leader in near future. At the end of the day  it is all about your passion your career and your long term goals but the worth of an MBA in pocket is definitely a distinction.


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