Success in MBA: 10 Key Points


Last Updated on April 14, 2021 by MBA Gateway Team

MBA programs are so demanding, once you are in the program students do need time to think and analyse how to get out the most of it. To make sure hit the ground running and to maximise the success in your course. Here  are some of the  essential points and tips that will be helpful and practical advice for MBA students.

  1.   Make most of your knowledge

Pursuing an MBA provides you tremendous opportunities to explore the company world , meet new leaders and figure out what it really is  you want to do. Indulge yourself into informational interviews, obtain data, attend conferences and open the doors for yourself.

Make use of all the freedom to explore new opportunities.

  1.   Don’t  take part in comparison race

One or the other do make a biggest mistake by comparing himself with his peers. Firstly make it clear that you have to defeat yourself not to others. Let others do whatever they want. Just check whether you have made progress from yesterday or not. This comparison race is endless and a lot  of depressing.


  1.   Don’t try be someone else

Remember this ” Sooner you are yourself, the better your experience will be”. While studying in a B-School it is necessary to try new things. When you go into actual corporate world, in an environment with new people and lots of new opportunities. Unknowingly it may happen

that you might work not as you want to or according to your goals. Be aware of it.


  1.   Focus

Don’t forget what is your goal and what you want to achieve. Tons of distractions will be waiting for you. All you need is to remember your reason of being in management school. From the very early set targets and focus on job in your targeted company. Write down all your motives on a paper and have a look daily, it will never let you distracted from your path.


  1.   Push Yourself

Do not limit yourself. Try to get out of comfort and learn something new. It will push your boundaries. A new approach to handle and look situations will be introduced in you. Another benefit it will provide is the new ideas that you will get and opportunities that you cannot experience in classroom. Also a network build up will be there which will help you later while in job.


  1.   Holistic approach to academics

No need to become an expert, all you need is to acquire a top-level understanding of key tools and skills so that you may identify potential risks and opportunities, ask good questions and make informed recommendations.


  1.   Extra-Curricular

Initially programs in B-schools can be draining and stressful. It will be easy to neglect yourself and your wellbeing . Among all these it is necessary to maintain your own wellbeing.  Find out a hobby that makes you happy, relaxed. It will boost you up with positive energy and will also be like a therapy for you. This extra activity can be anything cooking, dancing anything that you like.


  1.   Informational Interviews to get ahead

Instead, use informational interviews to narrow the scope of your search, gather information that will give you a leg up in interviews, and build a network of contacts that will actively work to help you. When you go on informationals, learn as much as you can about your target industry, company, and role, and impress your contacts with your genuine interest and credentials without treating your talk like a formal interview. And while you should start by leveraging your “traditional” network – classmates, friends, family, professors – to set up informationals, force yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Talk to professionals that come to your school to speak in classes or at conferences, and cold contact people in your target field on LinkedIn, especially alumni of your MBA program.


  1.   Positively Impact the MBA Experience

MBA students get really good at talking and thinking about themselves during business school. The process forces you to craft a great story for why you should be hired, pushes you to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses, and provides services tailored to your specific goals. The well-being and success of your peers can quickly become an alternate pursuit or use of your energy. Avoid this trap of self-absorption at all costs! A great way to improve the value of your MBA is by having a positive impact on someone else’s experience.


  1.   Career Goals

Having a long-term career goal makes it easier to determine what summer internship, and ultimately what first post-MBA job, to pursue. Many new and exciting job opportunities will come your way throughout the MBA, and this can be overwhelming and stressful. By taking the time up front to thoughtfully identify your long-term career aspirations, you can focus your efforts on the short-term career opportunities that matter and increase your chances of securing your ideal internship or full-time job.



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