Summer Programs and Workshops in Business Schools


Summer Programs And Workshops

In every course real exposure, a student receives is during summer. Summer programs and internships provide a better understanding and knowledge to students.

What is Summer Programs?

Summer courses offer students an opportunity to accelerate their learning in a degree program, or to fit study within a busy work schedule. Summer courses are offered during the off-term period when full-time students would typically have a break in their studies. Students enrolled in a degree program can take a summer course to help them get ahead before the autumn semester.

What are the benefits of taking a Summer Course?

Summer courses are really beneficial for a student in terms of educational purposes as well as it scores you an extra point during job interview. There is a lot more new things that one experience that we cannot achieve in regular course.

It is not necessary one may take summer course related to  studies You can go for arts, technology, fashion etc . Extra courses do help you to groom as a person. One can go  for learning new language or as per your choice of interest.

Summer Programs For Students in Business Schools

It’s all matter of choice. Rather than being lazy all day or going for a relaxed vacation if one chooses to go for study ahead than trust me you are on right track.

After all, the duration of these programs is a fraction of a normal curriculum. So why spend your leisure time, and precious money, in the pursuit of speedy knowledge?

In response, here are some advantages of enrolling in a summer business training initiative.

  •         Summer programs are beneficial in the context of their contribution to your next educational or career plan. It prepares the student for internships and job.
  •         The international exposure, in these short-term programs, could also be a highlight in your resume.
  •         Entrepreneurship focused programs enable the development of a perspective otherwise not available to non-business majors bit by the entrepreneurial bug.
  •         These summer programs are good way for a college student to attain self-confidence
  • Leadership training is also prized by future employers, looking to bring in driven individuals to their workforce.
  • The participants often earn course credits which can be transferred to their future studies.
  •         These summer programs helps the students to get to know the field of interest

The financial investment, by engaging in such a course, may be too high for the quantity of knowledge gained. Students interested in a more in-depth comprehensive training will not gain much insight from a summer program.

In fact, more and more b-schools are joining the club, offering summer business programs on focussed topics or general business concepts, attracting undergraduates and recent graduates to courses designed by experts.

Here is a list of summer programs offered by B-Schools in different countries:

  •         Program Name: The Entrepreneurship Summer School

Country: UK

Business School: London Business School

Educational Requirement: Individuals interested in an entrepreneurial training.

Duration and Fees: Total 8 days. Field based Research for 2 months and Final Presentation

                  Tuition: $8,400

  •         Program Name: Various Summer Programs on General Management  Country: USA

Business School: Stanford Business School

Educational Requirement: Open to a variety of target audience with programs for women leaders to non-profit.

Duration and Fees: Details of duration and pricing available on website

  •         Program Name: Summer School

Country: France

Business School: HEC Paris

Educational Requirement: University level or recent graduates

Duration and Fees: 3 intakes of 2 weeks each. Cost per intake from $3,000 – $9,100

  •         Program Name: International Summer Program

Country: Spain

Business School: ESADE

Educational Requirement: Current Undergraduates or recent graduates

Duration and Fees: 2-8 weeks,$2,500 – $8,000

  •         Program Name: European Summer Program

Country: Germany

Business School: WHU Otto Beisheim

Educational Requirement: Bachelor or MBA summer programs for undergrads or MBAs from partner universities

Duration and Fees: $560 for exchange students

  •         Program Name: McGill University

Country: Canada

Business School: International Summer Program for Visiting Undergraduates

Educational Requirement: Any undergraduate with at least 1 year course completed

Duration and Fees: 1 month,$6,900

  •         Program Name: International Summer Exchange Program

Country: Hong Kong

Business School: HKUST

Educational Requirement: Undergraduate students nominated from HKUST’s exchange partners

Duration and Fees: 2 months, Fees covered by home institution

Apart from the above list of b-schools, there are others such as Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management International Summer Program, Vancouver Summer Program, McCombs School of Business BBA Summer Program, European Business School’s “Doing Business in Europe” program, and Bocconi University’s Campus Abroad Summer Program at National University of Singapore. Many of these are targeted at exchange students from partner institutes, or college students from their own institutions.

There are obviously quite a few well-deserving summer business programs that we have not included in this article. A wholesome amount of research into the details, where-how-what, is strongly recommended.


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