Weapons For MBA Admission


You heard it right weapons for MBA admission. To get admission in MBA all you need to be prepared with your weapons which will let you face all the hurdles in your way of getting admission.

GMAT Score: How important is it?

There is no doubt that you should target a high GMAT score and that a high score will improve your chances of admission. A high score projects you as a person with good analytical and verbal skills, both of which are necessary to perform well in a management program and later, after completion of your course, to perform in real life business situations.
If you are applying to a top MBA program that is ranked high, you will need a high score just to qualify for an admission. The average GMAT scores are upwards of 680 in most of the top MBA programs in the US. This figure can be as high as 720 for students from Asian countries who normally score higher. So, if you are applying to a top MBA program, you will need a high GMAT score just to stay in contention. You will first need to get a good score, and then work to get the other application issues right. Your past academic, professional and personal background that you project through information you fill in your application form, and the quality of your application essays finally get you an admission. Since admissions are very competitive, it’s the quality of your background that gets you an admission.

Your GMAT score can just qualify you for admission if you are applying to a top program, whereas it can get you an admission if you are not applying to the ranked programs. In either case, a high score can work to your advantage. A good score shows that you have taken your MBA admissions seriously. You show that you knew it was important, you took it seriously and you achieved what you set out to achieve.

Acing the MBA Admissions Essay
The B-School essays should be considered a surrogate to an interview. They should reflect your past accomplishments, your future goals, and your motivations. More importantly, they should reflect who you are and the events in your life that have led to your personal and professional growth. Sounds profound? Well, B-School essays are meant to be profound and thought provoking. They should tell a story about you that only you can tell.

While writing essay on leadership a mistake most of the students make is that they write about Hitler. Don’t ever do so. It provides horrible judgement. As an MBA graduate you are going to gat a meaningful job and it also gonna affect other’s life too. Writing about Hitler will leave a terrible impression.

How not to commit these mistakes? Hire an editor. This editor could be trusted friend or a  family member or mentor who has some prowess with the English language to review the text for errors and to see whether the writer has answered the question or not. Barefoot says a good way to assess whether the writer has answered the question effectively is by not telling the reader about the question, and asking them to figure it out by reading the essay.


Work Experience
Having good work experience gives you an edge over the competition. If you have good work experience, flaunt it. And if your work experience is about average, don’t lose heart, you can make an average work experience sound better if projected the right way.

However, if you happen to be one of those who are in a hurry to get an MBA and have just completed your bachelors degree, we recommend that you reconsider your decision. Try thinking on your own, why should you be chosen over others who have work experience to show? If you have reasons and are sure they are good enough (such as outstanding achievements in the field of sports, military, or community service; or exceptional leadership experience), you could give it a try. Otherwise, get yourself a job, and wait for a few years before applying.

Make your weapons ready!


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