West Liberty MBA – Program Details for an Affordable West Virginia MBA Program


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Welcome to West Liberty University

 We have created this blog post to:

  • Provide you with an introduction to the University
  • Support you as you get started in your program and help address questions
  • Provide you pertinent information about your course structure
  • Inform you of policies and how they impact you
  • Offer a listing of offices/services available to support you and your academic pursuit

It is imperative you take the time to review this post, the catalog, and any other resources associated with your program of study to become informed of expectations. WLU makes every attempt to remain flexible, however, rules and penalties will not be waived or exceptions granted just because someone is unaware of specific policies or procedures.

As a West Liberty University graduate student, you will have access to experienced and accomplished professors, rich course content, and relevant library resources.

Our online program delivery format provides the ability to work when and where you are able with full access to all course materials, truly providing anytime, anywhere learning which gives you the edge in completing your master’s degree online.

Background and History

West Liberty University is a forward-looking, public university steeped in a rich heritage as West Virginia’s oldest institution of higher education. Established as West Liberty Academy in 1837 (26 years before the state was admitted to the Union), it was created to respond to the need for higher educational opportunities west of the Appalachian ridge. The institution is named for the town in which it is located. West Liberty was so named in the late 18th Century as the westernmost point of the new liberty provided through the Declaration of Independence.


To provide our students the opportunity for a high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and professional education through appropriate formats and venues.

Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity

West Liberty University is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action institution. In compliance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, West Virginia  Human  Rights Act, Title IX (Educational Amendments of 1972), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other applicable laws and regulations, the institution provides equal opportunity to all prospective and current members of the student body, faculty, and staff on the basis of individual qualifications and merit without regard to race, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability, or veterans status as identified and defined by law. The institution neither affiliates knowingly

with, nor grants recognition to, any individual, group, or organization having policies that discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran’s status as defined by applicable laws and regulations. Inquiries concerning the application of the above statement should be addressed to Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer, West Liberty University, 208 University Drive, College Union Box 131, West Liberty, WV 26074; Phone: 304.336.8029.

Campus Security and Emergency Procedures

Campus Safety officers enforce state, local, and college rules and regulations governing underage drinking, the use of controlled substances, weapons, and all other incidents requiring police assistance. They are also responsible for public safety services, such as crime reports, medical emergencies, fire emergencies, and traffic accidents. Monthly reports are reported to the West Virginia State Police, who are consistent with the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) systems.


Learning Management System Technology Requirements:

Your experience is important to us. In order to ensure you can  access  everything you need to be successful, it’s important your computer meets the minimum requirements listed below:

  • PC Windows 7 (or newer) or Mac OS
  • Any current browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE10
  • Flash Player (https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html )
  • Acrobat Reader (https://get.adobe.com/reader/ )
  • 512 MB of RAM (1 GB or more preferred)
  • Broadband connection (courses may include video content)
  • Video display capable of high-color 16-bit display
  • A soundcard and speakers or headphones
  • Current anti-virus software that is kept up-to-date
  • Web camera
  • Microphone
  • Microsoft Office is the standard office productivity software used by faculty, students, and staff. LibreOffice (https://www.libreoffice.org/download/libreoffice-fresh/ ) is a free alternative that may be used. You may request a free Microsoft 365 account by contacting the WLU IT Services help desk (email: [email protected] )


West Liberty University utilizes and provides the following platforms for all courses: SAKAI – WLU’s online learning management system  (LMS) that allows students to access their courses and interact with other students and faculty.

LiveText – WLU’s electronic portfolio system, which allows students to upload, store, and share their work. LiveText also allows faculty to provide feedback and readily evaluate each student’s work. Students must purchase an account.

TurnItIn – A plagiarism detection system, which reviews student papers and publications to ensure that students maintain academic integrity.

WINS – Student Portal– Access unofficial transcripts, view grades, make payments, and update personal/profile information.

The West Liberty University Information Network System (WINS) serves as the on-line student self-service center. Students complete course registration, access grades, and view transcripts on-line via WINS. Student account information and financial aid


information can also be viewed in W INS. Students can access WINS by clicking on the WINS icon from the WLU website (http://westliberty.edu/wins). To log in, students use their BANNER/Student ID as the USER ID and their six-digit birth date (mmddyy) as their PIN. After initially logging into WINS, students are required to change their PIN. The Enrollment Services Center should be contacted for assistance in accessing WINS.

WLU is excited to welcome its new students. In order to ensure students are prepared to excel in their classes; six key things are helpful to get started at West Liberty University and the online MBA program:


(1) Access your WINS account (http://westliberty.edu/wins ) using your WLU nine

(9) character ID. If this is your first access, your first password is your mmddyy date of birth without the first two digits (i.e.19). Contact Enrollment Services if you are unable to access your account:

  • Look at your current course registrations and schedule. If you have questions or concerns, contact the Program Director at: [email protected]
  • Pay tuition. Tuition is due the Friday before the first day of your classes. To ensure access, please pay this prior to the deadline. Lack of payment prior to the start of each term could result in lack of access to courses. Students who may receive reimbursement of their tuition costs must also satisfy these payment requirements to avoid losing access to their coursework and being administratively withdrawn for
  • Access your WLU email account (Gmail) at http://westliberty.edu/gmail If this is your first access your email address SHOULD be first initial, middle initial, last name @westliberty.edu – for example for John Thomas Smith: [email protected] Your email address is not case sensitive. Your initial password should be your mmddyyyy date of birth (include the first two digits of your birth year, e. 19). At the first login, you will be prompted to change your password.

Contact IT Services for assistance using the online request form at https://xewluprod.wvnet.edu/wluprod/f?p=127:1:17459428094892

Please read the Email Policy (http://www.westliberty.edu/it/student-technology- serv/email-policy/ )

NOTE: your WLU email will be the account used for billing, course communications, and other important communications from the university.

  • Access your SAKAI account (http://sakai.westliberty.edu ) using your WLU ID (9 characters) for the user name and your mmddyy (6 digits, no first two digits of your birth year, i.e. 19) date of birth for your initial

After logging in, you may change your password by using the ACCOUNT, MANAGE from the left menu on your MYW WORKSPACE page.

For assistance with SAKAI Contact the Office of E-Learning by using the Sakai Help form at: https://xewluprod.wvnet.edu/wluprod/f?p=135:1:13360808460822

  • Textbooks and Syllabi – Read the syllabus when emailed to you by the instructor. Be prepared for the course by getting the textbook or other required materials BEFORE the course


It’s important to know that term start dates for the MBA program will vary from the standard academic calendar.

Each term is seven (7) weeks in length and terms run year-round. Term start dates for 2019-2020 are:

Fall 2020 Term 1: August 24 Term 2: October 12*
Spring 2021 Term 1: January 9 Term 2: March 13
Summer 2021 Term 1: May 10 Term 2: June 27


The last day to enroll in an MBA course is the Wednesday of the first week of classes. (NOTE: Students enrolling in MBA courses must be registered into course sections by the Program Director or advisor.)

The last day to withdraw (“W”) from an MBA course is the Friday of the fifth week.  The last day to withdraw (“WP/WF”) from an MBA course is the Friday of the sixth week.

*Classes in the 2nd term of fall are 8 weeks long, but Thanksgiving week is off so there are only 7 weeks of actual class


West Liberty University assigns and awards credit hours conforms to commonly accepted practices in higher education. The school employs the Federal Credit Hour Definition in the assignment and awarding of credit hours as stated in the following policy:

At WLU a credit hour is an amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement that is an institutionally- established equivalency that reasonably approximates not less than one hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours of out-of-class student work each week for approximately fifteen weeks for one semester.

at least an equivalent amount of work as required in paragraph (1) of this definition for other activities as established by an institution, including laboratory work, internships, practicum, studio work, and other academic work leading toward the award of credit hours.

The basic credit hour is defined as at least 15 hours of lecture, discussion, seminar, or colloquium as well as 30 hours of student preparation, homework, studying, and application.

All of the coursework in WLU’s Masters in Business Administration program is done asynchronously over the Internet, facilitated by qualified faculty.


A student who officially withdraws from a course by the end of the class day marking the two-thirds point of the semester or summer term shall receive a grade of “W”. A grade of “WP” is given if a student officially withdraws from a course any time after the two-thirds point and before the last scheduled class meeting, including the final examination, providing he or she is passing the course at the time of withdrawal. A “WF” will be given if a student officially withdraws any time after the two-thirds point and before the last scheduled class meeting, including the final examination if he or she is failing the course at the time of withdrawal. A student who does not officially withdraw from a course shall receive a grade of “FIW,” indicating failure because of improper withdrawal. Grades of “WF” and “FIW ” are computed as “F” for grade-point average.

Students can drop courses in W INS until the last date to enroll for the respective semester.

If you withdraw from a class, any tuition refunds are given in accordance with current WLU policy as noted in the University Catalog (2020-21). For seven-week classes, the following applies:

During the first week – 90% refund During the second week – 70% refund During the third week – 50% refund Beginning the fourth week – no refund

Dropping an Online Course

  • Please send an email to that MBA Program Director via his/her WLU email [email protected]. You may find that information in the course syllabus or at http://westliberty.edu/directory. Include the faculty member in your email to the Director requesting the
  • The MBA Director will include Katie Cooper – [email protected] the same email string; Katie will process the drop from a financial aid perspective; AND [email protected] who will process the drop,
  • In the email include your full name and your WLU ID (@000 )
  • State the fact you wish to drop the ONLINE course, ABC-123-00 fall 2020 –

– or — whatever, and effective today.

Week 1: You will be unregistered from this course. The course will not appear on the transcript nor will you be charged for the course.

Week 2-5: You will be dropped from the course and receive a “W” on your transcript. After Week 5: Students requesting to drop a course after the drop period ends are not eligible to receive a “W” in the course. You would remain enrolled and receive a grade in the course. Refunds will be issued in accordance to the Refund Policy.

Repeating a Course

If you must or desire to repeat a course, both grades will appear on your transcript.


Students who find it necessary to withdraw from the university during the course of a semester or summer term must complete the official withdrawal procedure. The necessary forms may be obtained from the Enrollment Services Center. The Enrollment Services Center will review the form with the student. The withdrawal is not official until these forms are received and processed by the Enrollment Services Center.

Students who leave the university without officially withdrawing will receive failing grades (“FIW”) in all courses for which they are enrolled. The final grade in each course will be determined by each instructor in accordance with the institutional grading policy.


As a result of a national military emergency, university students may be among the military reservists called to active duty. While there are federal regulations in effect that impose certain obligations on employers with respect to employees in active military service, these laws have not been extended to students called for active military service. Consequently, the following procedure is to be used in those instances wherein students from West Liberty University are called to active military service and can provide to university officials a copy of their official orders.

When a student is notified to report for active military service, the student should contact each of his or her individual instructors and inform them of the situation. It is then the responsibility of the instructor to determine an appropriate grade for the student. If the student has made sufficient progress and the instructor feels that sufficient material has been covered to warrant a final grade in the course, the instructor should issue a grade of “incomplete.” Due to potential variables involved, there may be other arrangements. that could be expedited and this will be left to the discretion of the faculty member. In all situations, care should be taken to ensure that credit earned by a student in a class, up to the point of the student’s leaving for military service, be granted to the student or preserved for a future grade determination.

If a student is required to withdraw from classes before a letter grade or an incomplete can be given, a 100% refund of tuition and fees will be issued. Tuition and fees will be charged only for those courses for which a letter grade of an incomplete is given. The unused portion of the room and board payments will be refunded.



Academic Dishonesty, in whatever form, belies the stated philosophy of West Liberty University “to promote the development of the intellectual, cultural, social, physical, emotional, moral, and vocational capacities of all persons within its sphere of influence.” Individuals who commit acts of academic dishonesty violate the principles which support the search for knowledge and truth. The academic community has established appropriate penalties and disciplinary action for such behavior. For full information on types of academic dishonesty, penalties, appeals, and procedures related to academic dishonesty, please review the University Catalog.

Each assignment, whether a forum, blog, or paper is intended to be original work. Reusing source material (e.g., books, articles) is acceptable. Reusing an assignment, even when the student was the original author is a form of self-plagiarism and is NOT acceptable. Using “cheating sites” or quid-pro-quo sites (e.g., Course Hero) is not acceptable. Do your own research and submit your own original work!


A student who wishes to appeal or question a final grade in a course must first contact the faculty member who assigned the grade within fifteen (15) class days of the semester following the semester for which the grade was issued. The student must arrange one or more informal conferences with the professor/instructor to attempt to resolve the conflict before a formal appeal is initiated. The grade appeal must be based on a faculty member’s alleged capriciousness, prejudice, or arbitrariness. The professional competence of the faculty member will not be an issue. For procedural information on the grade appeal process please review the University Catalog.


The Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) is designed to establish acceptable use of computer and information systems as well as to protect our students, faculty, and staff. As good net citizens, we encourage all users to use electronic communications in a manner respectful to others.


Users must take precautions that their actions and the computers they own or are assigned to them for use do not negatively affect the WLU computer network.

You must properly maintain your systems by having up-to-date anti-virus protection and performing operating system patches.


You are expected to use software and electronic materials in accordance with copyright and licensing restrictions. You may not use WLU networks, equipment, or software to violate the copyright-terms of any license agreement.


WLU and Google have partnered to provide Google Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Groups, Sites, Talk, and Video to all applicable WLU users. The use of these services is governed by the contract between Google and W LU. Google’s Privacy Policy is available for review at

http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/ privacy.


Tying up network resources for illegally downloading or sharing music, software and files, sending harassing email, sending large volumes of mail, etc. are not an appropriate use of W LU network resources. The bandwidth demands of this usage can be excessive.


Attempting to impersonate any person, using forged headers or other identifying information is prohibited. Activities that adversely affect the ability of other people or systems are prohibited. Attempts, whether successful or not, to gain access to any computer system, or user’s data, without consent is prohibited.


WLU will not host websites that involve illegal activities such as the illegal transfer or use of copyrighted materials or any fraudulent solicitation. WLU will not host websites of an offensive nature such as ones of pornography, gambling, extreme violence, racial or ethnic hatred. WLU reserves the right to protect its systems and its users by not hosting sites that would be deemed generally offensive and be likely to provoke responses such as Denial-of-Services attacks upon its servers or systems.


Re-selling service without express written consent from WLU is prohibited. Offering any public information service, such as running a web server or FTP server is also prohibited without express written consent from Information Technology Services (ITS). Using programs to defeat system timers limiting inactivity is prohibited.


It may be necessary for ITS employees to examine system logs and other records to resolve system problems. WLU reserves the right to access an account’s mailbox to resolve system problems or mail system errors.

In addition, WLU will cooperate with the appropriate legal authorities in investigating claims of illegal activity, including but not limited to illegal transfer or use of copyrighted material, postings, or email containing threats of violence, or other illegal activity.

WLU makes no guarantee and assumes no liability for the security of any data on any server including “secure servers.”

Our users are reminded that no computer system should be considered safe from intrusion. Email may pass through many computer systems, and should not be considered a secure means of communication unless it is encrypted. Even then, information is only as secure as the encryption method.


This document provides a general understanding of WLU’s policy on the Appropriate Use of W LU’s information technology services. Common sense and judgment are a necessary part of any system of rules, and this Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) is no exception. Of course, flagrant or repeated violations of the policy are viewed in a very different light than minor infractions.

Protection of our customers and our resources, the ability to provide quality service to our customers, conformance with existing law, and the protection of our reputation as a service provider are all contributing factors to decisions on AUP violations.

If a WLU account is used to violate the AUP, various activities may be taken including, but not limited to the following:

  • suspension or revocation of computing privileges
  • reimbursement to WLU for resources consumed
  • other legal action including action to recover damages
  • referral to law enforcement authorities

Computer users will be referred as follows: Students will be referred to the Judicial Coordinator and Instructor/College Dean

Please see the current West Liberty University Catalog for additional information about specific institutional policies and procedures.


Master of Business Administration

West Liberty University offers a 100% online, 30 credit-hour Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree for individuals who wish to advance their professional knowledge and skills in business. The MBA  is a  year-round,  accelerated program with a prescribed sequence of courses offered in seven-week terms.  The  MBA degree includes core business courses with a choice of concentration in either Management, Accounting, or Healthcare Management.

Depending on the student’s preference or needs,  the program may be completed in as little as  12  months by taking two courses per seven-week term or at a slower pace in one year and eight months by taking a single course each seven-week term.

A student must be formally admitted to the program before taking any courses in the MBA program.

Graduate Certificate Program

West Liberty University offers a 100% online, 15 credit-hour Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management program for individuals who wish to advance their professional knowledge and skills in the healthcare business. The graduate certificate program is available as a year-round, accelerated program with a prescribed sequence of courses offered in seven-week terms.

Depending on the student’s preference or needs and scheduling of classes,  the program may be completed in as little as 6 months by taking one course in one seven-week term than two courses in two seven-week terms or at a slower pace in ten months by taking a single course each seven-week term.  A student must be formally admitted to the program before taking any graduate courses in the program. Not all classes are offered every term.

For admission to WLU’s MBA or Graduate Certificate program, the following requirements must be met.

A bachelor’s degree, in any field, from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 2.5 overall undergraduate grade point average

International students must provide evidence of English language proficiency. Proof of proficiency may be provided by one of the following:

  • The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Minimum acceptable scores 595 (paper test), 195 (computer-based test), or 70 (internet test) for graduate study or
  • Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) – The minimum acceptable score is 82% for graduate study or
  • A minimum score of 6.5 on the International English Language Testing System (ELTS) for graduate

Prior to full admission and enrollment in courses, students must take the Inbound Placement Exam*. Applicants with identified deficiencies in one or more foundational business areas are required to complete the associated online leveling/tutorial module(s)*. All required modules must be completed successfully prior to enrolling in courses.

(*additional information is provided as part of the program application form)

Applicants with an undergraduate degree and an overall GPA below the minimum of 2.5 may be considered for provisional admission into the MBA  program at the discretion of the MBA Program  Director. These students must meet all other requirements prior to starting coursework. A student admitted under provisional status must achieve a grade of “B” or higher in each of the initial 12 credits of the program to continue.

All Graduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 and adhere to the WLU Code of Conduct as well as all policies of the WCOB.


West Liberty University Master’s in Business Administration Curriculum Management Concentration

Required Core:

GBUS 501 MBA Orientation                                                           0

ECON 520 Global Economics                                                        3

GBUS 525 Social Responsibility & Business Ethics                         3

CIS 530 Information Technology Management                                3

MKT 535 Integrative Marketing Management                                  3

MGT 545 Strategic Human Resource Management                         3

MGT 590 Strategic Management Capstone                                     3

Concentration – Management

MGT 560 Public and Non-Profit Management                                   3

MGT 565 Value Chain Management                                               3

ACC 550 Managerial Accounting Decision Analysis                         3

FIN 540 Finance Management & Theory                                        3

Total Hours       30


West Liberty University Master’s in Business Administration Curriculum Accounting Concentration

Required Core:

GBUS 501 MBA Orientation                                                           0

ECON 520 Global Economics                                                        3

GBUS 525 Social Responsibility & Business Ethics                         3

CIS 530 Information Technology Management                                3

MKT 535 Integrative Marketing Management                                   3

MGT 545 Strategic Human Resource Management                          3

MGT 590 Strategic Management Capstone                                     3


Concentration – Accounting

ACC 561 Auditing & Forensic Accounting                                                     3

ACC 562 Detection and Prevention of Fraudulent Financial Statements      3

ACC 563 Interview Techniques / Legal Aspects of Fraud                             3

ACC 564 Investigating with Computers                                                         3

Total Hours       30


West Liberty University Master’s in Business Administration Curriculum

Healthcare Management Concentration

Required Core:

GBUS 501 MBA Orientation                                                           0

ECON 520 Global Economics                                                         3

CIS 530 Information Technology Management                                3

MKT 535 Integrative Marketing Management                                   3

MGT 545 Strategic Human Resource Management                          3

MGT 590 Strategic Management Capstone                                     3

Concentration – Healthcare Management

GBUS 570 Healthcare Law and Ethics                                           3

ACC 570 Healthcare Accounting and Cost Analysis                        3

FIN 570 Healthcare Finance and Revenue Cycle                            3

ECON 570 Healthcare Economic Analysis                                     3

CIS 570 Healthcare Information System Management                    3

Total Hours       30


West Liberty University Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management Curriculum

Required Classes – Healthcare Management Certificate


ACC 570 Healthcare Accounting and Cost Analysis                        3

CIS 570 Healthcare Information System Management                     3

FIN 570 Healthcare Finance and Revenue Cycle                            3

ECON 570 Healthcare Economic Analysis                                      3

GBUS 570 Healthcare Law and Ethics                                            3

Total Hours       15


West Liberty University

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) Program Intended Outcomes (PIOs)

The West College of Business is committed to continually improving its programs. To that end, the WCOB engages in a systematic collection of learning data called assessment to ensure that the program’s learning outcomes are being achieved. In master’s-level programs, knowledge of the key content areas and functional disciplines of business is assumed.

Graduates of master’s-level programs should acquire a depth of knowledge in these areas that exceeds that of the typical bachelor’s degree graduate.

The intended student learning outcomes for the MBA program are PIO 1. Recognize problems

PIO 2. Integrate theory and practice for the purpose of strategic analysis

PIO 3. Employ and apply quantitative techniques and methods in the analysis of real-world business situations PIO 4. Communicate to relevant audiences; graduates should be able to:

  1. Compose clear, consistent, and effective written forms of communication
  2. Compose and present effective oral business presentations PIO 5. Work effectively with a team of colleagues on diverse projects

PIO 6. Identify and analyze the ethical obligations and responsibilities of business


Rubrics for the assessment of the Program Outcomes are located at the end of this document.



West Liberty University West College of Business Master’s in Business Administration program has dedicated professors committed to your success. We are proud of our distinguished faculty. Below you will find what you can expect of your professors.

The primary role of your course professor is to:

  • Ensure high-quality delivery of course
  • Contribute to the academic learning environment through the sharing of professional knowledge and
  • Respond to all student requests for information or clarification of course content within 48 hours, typically within 24 hours or
  • Provide feedback regarding student performance as measured by progress monitors, quizzes, forum posts, assignments and

Course professors contribute to your success by:

  • Facilitating a safe and comfortable learning environment for students
  • Sharing supplementary course content, professional insight, application assignment tips, and exam preparation guidance
  • Participating in each week’s online threaded discussions
  • Responding to all student inquiries
  • Designing just-in-time instruction as needed to further guide student learning or capitalize on significant current events
  • Monitoring completion of assignments and assessments
  • Grading application assignments
  • Contacting students who have not turned in assignments or assessments
  • Clarifying course content


The analysis and application assignments are major performance assessments in all courses. The assignments are research-based, practical, and relevant projects to apply immediately in your current or future work setting.


Each course includes one or more assignments identified as a Key Assessment. Each is aligned with one or more Program Outcome and serves as a milestone in your progress. As a Key Assessment, the identified assignment may move through a number of steps that culminate in submission in both the course and submission to the LiveText portfolio as exemplary work.

Typically, the key assessment receives a grade in the course for purposes of grade calculation and additional review using a program rubric in LiveText.

Rubrics for the assessment of the Program Outcomes are located at the end of this document.


The course forums or discussion board promotes collaboration and debate among students and course professors. The discussion typically revolves around open-ended prompts and questions designed to stimulate interest, promote critical thinking, and invite differing viewpoints. Asynchronously, you address these “prompt” questions, comment on peers’ answers, and respond to peers’ new questions.

*Please note: If you are idle for an extended period of time (about 45 minutes or more), the web-based LMS platform may automatically log you out of your course. The program recommends you draft all discussion posts in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word to save your work. Preparing your post in this manner also allows you to spell check your work before you post and saves a copy of your work for future reference.  You may then copy and paste your discussion post into the discussion board.

Frequency of Posts

To ensure a meaningful exchange, students are expected to post at least one original thread (300+ words) and a minimum of two responses (200+ words each) to peers per week. The rubric for grading the discussion boards focuses primarily on the quality of your discussion posts, although it is important to complete the required number of posts.

In all courses, the first post to any forum topic is due by 11 pm on Tuesday or Wednesday (posted in course). Your follow-up responses/replies to other students are due by Friday, 11 pm.

Your instructor will provide feedback to your initial post by Friday. You are expected to respond to the feedback as indicated (100+ words, answer instructor questions, revise, etc.) before 11 pm Sunday.

How to write an effective discussion board post:

When posting…

  • Stay on topic. Do not digress or
  • Enhance the quality of the professional discussion by introducing resources, sharing experiences, or expanding beyond the content already
  • Consider what is useful in the information being shared and how it is similar to and different from your own knowledge base and
  • Be respectful of others’ ideas and
  • Choose words carefully, and consider how other readers might interpret
  • Proofread your response before
  • Reference all your readings, outside sources, and other course resources in APA
  • Use a professional tone as this is a scholarly exchange. Other boards, such as the Coffee Chat, are available for more informal and personal

The FAQs Forum

The FAQs forum/discussion board is designed as a place where you can ask procedural questions and get answers from other students or the professor. This is an open forum; personal questions should be sent via email. It is accessible under FORUMS or LESSONS/MODULES.

The Coffee Chat Area

The Coffee Chat area is designed as a place where you can connect informally to share information that may or may not be directly related to course content. This is a more “social” area. It is also accessible in the FORUM or in the START  HERE module.


For each of your courses, you will have one or more forum (discussion board) postings to complete. These are formal assignments and should be treated as such. Proper grammar, spelling, and composition conventions are expected. Your initial post(s) are due by Tuesday or Wednesday 11 pm each week.

Typically, your post should be approximately 300-400 words. The expectation is you address all aspects of the forum prompt. In your writing, you should include information that goes beyond what is given in the text or other course sites. When doing so, you should include formatted appropriate citations for the additional information you’ve drawn into the response. The citations should be in APA format.

After your initial posting, you are expected to respond or reply to at least two other classmates’ postings. You will do this by using the [reply] found to the right of the posting. When writing, consider if you agree or disagree and then include why. What other considerations or questions are relevant? Your response/reply postings should be substantive and carry the discussion forward with new thoughts or information. A typical response/post should be at least 200+ words and contain at least one (1) APA formatted appropriate citation for the additional information you’ve drawn into the response. These posts are due by Friday 11 pm.

Your instructor will provide feedback on your initial posting. Please read what is written. In some cases, you will be asked to add more information or revise. If this is the case, a typical response/post should be at least 100+ words and contain at least one (1) APA formatted appropriate citation for the additional information you’ve drawn into the response. Your response or revision is due by Sunday 11 pm. To do this, please use the [reply] to the posting made by the instructor.


Rubrics for discussion forums and written assignments are posted in each course. Students should review those rubrics and ensure they have a common understanding with the Instructor before submitting assignments.



For each of your courses, you will have one or more written assignments to complete. These are formal assignments and should be treated as such. Proper grammar, spelling, and composition conventions are expected. Written Assignments are due by Sunday 11:55 pm each week unless otherwise noted.

Written Assignments will be run through TurnItIn for an originality check (plagiarism). Turnitin is used for instructor feedback. This process occurs automatically when you submit your assignment in Sakai. This is addressed in GBUS 501.

Your written assignment is to be submitted using APA format including 1″ margins, 12 pt. font (Times New Roman or Arial).

You will use a cover page, a running header and page numbers, and a reference page. Typically, a written assignment is 1.5 to 3 pages in length, but occasionally assignments may be longer. This does not include the cover page or reference page.

The expectation is you address all aspects of the assignment prompt. In your writing, you should include information that goes beyond what is given in the text or other course sites. When doing so, you should include an appropriate citation for the additional information you’ve drawn into the response. The citation should be in APA format.

Your writing should be substantive and carry the course concepts forward with new thoughts or information beyond what was found in the text or course resources. You may wish to bring in real-world examples or personal experiences, when appropriate.

Your written assignments will be submitted by attaching a file. If the assignment is a word processing document, the file format should be .doc ONLY (not .docx, .pdf, .wps, etc.) and named according to the information provided. If a different type of submission is required (e.g., PowerPoint), you will find the file format expectation in the assignment information. Documents improperly named or saved in other formats will not be accepted.


MBA: Written Assignment Rubric (10 – 20 points)

Rubrics for discussion forums and written assignments are posted in each course. Students should review those rubrics and ensure they have a common understanding with the Instructor before submitting assignments.

Reading Quizzes

Reading quizzes are timed, multiple-choice “quizzes” designed to help you assess your understanding of the assigned readings and multimedia presentations. Each provides multiple attempts with questions drawn from a larger pool.

Assignments, Projects, and Assessments

Assignments, projects, and assessments are written by faculty and reflect a clear alignment between expectations, the course objectives,  and the concepts presented in the curriculum. Readings, resources, and research can help you prepare for the assignments, but the assignments may also reflect the major concepts of the readings and the intended outcomes of the analysis and application of those concepts.

You must complete each assignment on your own. Failure to do so may be subject to a review of your performance by the Academic Integrity Committee. Academic dishonesty is grounds for dismissal from the program.

Late Assignment

It is imperative to review the late assignment policy in each of your classes. Professors will communicate their expectations regarding late assignments. It’s your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these expectations and to contact the instructor regarding all late work and establish a deadline for a late submission.

As a general rule of thumb, and at the discretion of your profession, you may submit an assignment after the due date but will receive a 10% deduction each day the assignment is late. The professor has the right to not accept work after the deadline or offer only a single day extension (at 10% deduction) However, no work will be accepted after the Wednesday immediately following the assignment due date with the exception of extenuating circumstances.



Your professor will grade your Written Assignments using the rubric accompanying the assignment. You will receive a grade and feedback on your performance. From the course page, click on the word “Grades” to view your grades. To see the professor’s feedback, click on the particular assignment and follow the link.

Grading Scale

The program uses the following individual letter and numeric grading system. Grade point averages are computed on the following scale with points computed for each hour of credit attempted:

90 – 100%    A – 4 points

80 – 89%     B – 3 points

70 – 79%     C – 2 points

60 – 69%     D – 1 point

0 – 59%     F – 0 points

Courses in a degree program with an “F” or a “D” will not be counted toward degree conferral and must be repeated as soon as possible to continue in the MBA program.

You have secure access to access your grades via WINS. Final Grades are usually available the Friday after a term/course end date.

Good Standing is defined as a 3.0 GPA and progressing towards graduation during the allotted timeframe


Incompletes will not be given for work not submitted on time. In extenuating circumstances, an incomplete (I) may be an option. The program director will authorize the instructor’s request. At the time of the request, a firm deadline for completion of the work will be agreed upon in writing by the instructor, the student, and the program director. Failure to complete the course work by the stated deadline will not result in an extension, rather a 0 will be given for the work. Typically, incompletes are only given when the student has performed well in the class and in the last week of the classes, something happened that did not allow the student to complete the class.

Grade Change

In rare situations, computational or technical errors may occur with posting grades. When this occurs, a faculty member or program director can initiate an official grade change after official grades are posted. Grades may also be changed from an “I” to an earned grade.



Academic Warning is assigned when a student’s cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0. A student who is withdrawn or dismissed from WLU while on Academic Warning will return under this same status if he or she is granted Re-Entry or Readmission.

At WLU we want our students to be successful.  We want you to graduate from your program of study. In order to graduate, each student must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average in coursework taken in the Masters in Business Administration program. To ensure our students are progressing toward this, the program utilizes the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy found below. Please be sure to review this and contact the Program Director or Dean if you have any questions regarding expectations.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Students are required to maintain satisfactory progress toward degree completion. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0. Breaks in enrollment,  such as a leave of absence or withdrawal from the program, are referred to as “stop-outs” in the MBA program.

Academic Warning

Academic Warning is assigned for two terms to provide the student with the opportunity to raise the cumulative grade point average to at least 3.0.

A student placed on Academic Warning must earn only A’s and B’s while on  Warning, or he or she will be dismissed from the program for poor scholarship. Previous courses in which a failing grade (F) or a D was earned must be retaken, usually, in the immediate next term, it is offered after consultation with the Program Director. Due to course rotation, a retake of a course may impede consistent scheduling—which may cause a break in a student’s enrollment. If this occurs, the student may be placed in “Active Waiting for Class” until a course is available.

If the cumulative 3.0-grade point average is achieved within two courses, the student is returned to good standing’ status at the end of the term. If the cumulative 3.0-grade point average is not achieved by the end of the second course while on Academic Warning, the student will be considered for dismissal from the program for failing to make academic progress.

Due to the policy adjustments make university-wide in Spring 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, academic dismissals were not implemented. Those students with a GPA below 3.0 should consider themselves on academic warning and should strive to improve their GPAs during the Fall 2020 terms.



After consultation with the Program Director and Dean, a student admitted as a provisional admit or any student on an SAP status may be dismissed if they receive a grade of “C” or worse in their courses. This constitutes a failure to make academic progress. Students who have been academically dismissed are restricted to one petition for Re-Entry or Readmission to the WLU MBA program. (See Re-Entry or Readmission procedures).

The student will be notified by letter from the Registrar regarding his or her academic status.

The student who is dismissed for a poor scholarship after consultation with the Program Director and/or Dean will be prohibited from further enrollment for a period of four terms, at which time the student can apply for Re-Entry or Readmission.

A student who believes his or her GPA does not reflect his or her academic ability may appeal the dismissal decision to the Admission & Retention Committee within 4 weeks of the date on the dismissal letter.


Re-Entry or Readmission after Dismissal

After four terms, a student who has been dismissed may petition the program for Re-Entry or Readmission. The student should contact the Program Director for the Re-Entry or Readmission procedures. If a student is granted Re-Entry or Readmission into the program, the student returns with the same academic status under which he/she was dismissed, either Academic Warning or Academic Probation. A

recovery plan will be developed with the student. The student must maintain A’s and B’s in all courses taken after Re-Entry or Readmission to show progress toward achieving a cumulative 3.0-grade point average. Any previous courses in which a grade of D or F was earned will be retaken. If a student earns a grade below a B while on Academic Warning or Academic Probation, he or she will be dismissed a second time, which is considered a permanent dismissal.

Students who have been academically dismissed are restricted to one petition for Re-Entry or Readmission to the WLU MBA program.


Re-Entry or Readmission After Withdrawal or Administrative Withdrawal

If a student is withdrawn or must withdrawal from the MBA Program, he or she is eligible to apply to return to the MBA Program. The process to re-enter depends on the time away from the program. If the last date of attendance is less than 365 days from the anticipated return date, the student may apply for re-entry. If this time period is greater than 365 days, the student must re-apply to the MBA Program.


If students have been out of attendance less than 365 days, they will return to their current program of study, if the program version is active. If approved, the student will re-enter under the catalog and tuition in effect when they initially withdrew or were withdrawn. If the version is not active, the student will re-enter into the most current version.

If the program of study has been revised the student will be re-entered into the current version.

Students who are administratively withdrawn for not meeting the required Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) will be subject to the procedures in the SAP policy.

To request to re-enter, students complete a “Re-entry  Form”. The form is received by the program and reviewed for approval. If approved, the student will be able to return if a course is available in the upcoming term.



If the student has been out of attendance for more than 365 days, the student will apply and be accountable for all charges and admissions requirements.

Students will return to the current program version of the study, catalog, and tuition at the time of re-application.

If a student left the WLU MBA on an SAP status, he or she will return on that same status and be subject to all related procedures in the SAP policy.

Career Services

Career Services is committed to assisting students and alumni in designing an individualized portfolio that incorporates aspects of leadership and career development. In this developmental process, students are encouraged to develop their potential by gaining experiences and skills through the academic environment, campus involvement, volunteering/service activities, internship opportunities, and career exploration. The ultimate goal is for students and alumni to be able to successfully conduct their own self-directed job search as well as manage their goals into viable career objectives. Services provided through this office include:

Leadership and career/interest inventories

Career workshops/classroom presentations Internship exploration/identification

Resource center and reference library Job vacancy listing

On-campus interview opportunities/ Job fair/ graduate school fairs Graduate school catalogs and test registration materials

Job search assistance

Identification Required for Access

Students, Faculty, and Staff who have a WLU Topper Card will be required to present their Topper Card at the front desk of the facility and sign in with the Wellness Center monitor on duty at the time of their entry. They will then be returned their Topper Card when they exit as they sign out the time they leave the facility. These measures help to ensure the safety of our guests and a well-maintained facility.

Additional Safety Features

In addition to requiring identification for access, the Wellness Center will be monitored at all times that it is open by a trained student monitor. There are cameras installed for security purposes and door access controls. These measures help the University to keep the Wellness Center guests safe, and also to keep the facility well-maintained. Wellness Center monitors will be responsible for the basic cleaning of equipment throughout the day. Additionally, antibacterial wipes will be on hand for guests to utilize as well.


The Wellness Center currently has several cardiorespiratory machines, including treadmills, stair climb machines, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes. The facility also has several weight machines and free weights, including dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight plates for barbells.


The Health Service staff provides personal medical care to all full-time students (residents and commuters) on both an appointment and walk-in basis. By emphasizing health, not just the treatment of disease or injury, a high level of outpatient care is offered to meet the needs of young adults. Preventive health care information is presented to students through educational programming and activities, the distribution of educational literature, and one-to-one counseling. All treatment, medications, supplies, tests, and services are provided free of charge to WLU students.

The primary mission of the West Liberty University Health Service is to enable you to take full advantage of your academic experience by maintaining and improving your health. Please contact them for more information about their services.

Nurse Available:

Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Physician Available on campus:

Monday through Friday

7 a.m. to 8 a.m. (schedule subject to change)

The physicians are also available at Doctors Urgent Care



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