What to do After MBA?


MBA already a diverse and so widespread field. There are tons of opportunities waiting for an MBA graduate. One may wonder or get confused regarding what to do after being graduated as an MBA. One may think of campus placement in an MNC or some may prefer family business also some may  feel to execute their innovation in the form of start up.  There is a obvious point in almost everyone’s life where one feels stuck in deciding the path of their life. Some may have family pressure of joining family business or may have excitement and passion of doing something on his own to which we call start ups.

It’s pretty common that we want something from our life but the people associated with us wanted to fulfil their expectations and perform in our own life as they want. Try to avoid and completely protect yourself from this trap. It’s your career and life, you should be the only driver of it.

Initially it is quite obvious that one tends to get fascinated with the trend of entrepreneurship and have in mind to start his own company. Mind it , a joke or play is not going to happen. Unknowingly we do get attracted towards the trend, but it is  keen essential to face the reality and meet the truth. Start ups are not created in one night. It is not like you wake up one day and say  I want to start something of my own and just leave all other stuff and begin towards non-directional path.

I am not at all against entrepreneurship. My point is that don’t go into someone’s influence or just by following someone else do not indulge yourself into a job which you do not really want. If you have a proper idea and plan then yes go for it. If really there is something you want to do and you have worked on it with proper research then who is stopping you. Go for it! Pitch your ideas and plans and do not think of something else just believe in yourself and your passion and just do it. Give all of yourself for your actual dream.

Another aspect comes of family business. There are many from business background. Again I will say know your interest and then work on something. Joining family business is not a bad idea. be boss of your own without any boundations. A con of family business is that if you do not have any prior working experience then it could be a danger sign. Before sitting on boss chair it is key important to understand and work like a worker and get deep understanding of each and every part of your organisation. It is better if you go for job for a year or two and then join your business. Management is all about common sense and experience.  Experience never gets wasted.

Jobs in MNC through campus placement is always in the list. Do prepare well and focus on your skills rather than on your degree. Whether you want to do job or not, at least go for interview. It will let you meet real you and you will get to know much more about yourself which you even cannot  discover else where.

It’s your life. Do what you want to do ,just remember all your decision should be your known. Choose the path wisely and do what brings out the passion in you. One wrong decision can make you suffer life long.


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